Friday, July 15, 2011

Savoring The Summer Season And Blessings Available To Me...

I am trying to savor the summer season as we sneak into a weekend once again with no rain and 90 degree forecasts. The past 2 days have been cooler and evenings down right chilly but I have enjoyed it... I know fall is lurking right around the corner and soon our swimsuits and sandals will disappear...Soon thoughts of warmer colors and heavier fabrics will appear... The trees in our yard are starting to shed leaves that are starving for water as they dry up... due to our lack of rain..
Today I seem to be in a mellow sort of mood... a mood where I wish I could place every ones dreams and wishes and hopes in a bottle... set them afloat ... and when they are found and opened the bottled up thoughts and hopes would all come true... With all the sadness in our world it just seems to be a refreshing thought but knowing life itself is not perfect... that's where the wisdom to enjoy all the tiniest of pleasures come in to help us with the more difficult times... We really MUST find things that creates pleasure for us even if it comes through the reading or inspiration of a magazine or books... I worked through some of my chores this morning and have my bathing suit on awaiting the arrival of the sun for a half hour or so around 11:00 a.m. It has been a hazy morning so far... The weekend temps will be too hot for me to indulge in this small pleasure but a occasional dip will do.. It think my pleasures of blogging is that we read of lovely things being done for others... In our news and media coverage we learn of so much sadness and miss doing .. I read a post this morning by June that the title was " So Far Behind .. That I think I Am First" that brought a large smile to my face a loud chuckle... I know I have had the exact feeling all summer long... Then in a different shade of life a beautiful post by Jodi sharing her thoughts and inner most feelings of a loss to her husband and herself...
I usually post in the mornings as I try to share my thoughts as I sip my coffee in the peace of a country side home... Many of the post I read this morning were on where blogger create and I enjoyed also viewing some of their lovely space.. I have a desire also to have a lovely space as no one would want to see where I create.. ugh.. but for now I will just be content with what I have available to me as I am certainly not hurting in any way for anything as I continue to be blessed and I will continue to just be very Thankful... Sending you all best wishes for a lovely weekend and many blessings ......


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad I was able to stop by this morning and visit you. I am way behind with my blogging friends.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts this morning and I can relate to them in so many ways.
Hope you enjoyed your dip and I hope the weekend brings you good things to savor

YONKS said...

Hello Marietta,
I am your newest follower. You would be very welcome to some of my rain in Wales!
Stop by and visit me sometime.

victorian parlor II said...


As always your post has warmed my heart. I love reading your prose as it always strikes a chord with me and makes me think and smile. I love your reference to putting everyone's wishes in a bottle-it's just beautiful.



June said...

Hello Marietta,(I just love your name!)
This is such a lovely post to read. I could feel your heart and your longing to spread the joy you feel around to those who aren't as blessed. I am so glad that I am not alone in feeling behind all Summer long. I don't think I will ever catch up and that is fine with me. I will be happy with where I am right now.
I LOVED your previous post too.
I hope you got to take your dip in the pool and that you are savoring every minute.
sending hugs...