Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thoughts For Your Someone Special

Now is the time to dream of inspiration and get started on something special you would like to achieve for the some one's special in your life for the coming Valentine's Day. When my children were younger they would always look forward to the brown bag sacks I would decorate with paper doilies and Valentines trim and hang on the inside of the front door to be filled with candy and cookies for the special day of showing love... My plans this year since those days have long past is to gather my personal stash of supplies and go to the craft room and create some home-made Valentines for the grand kids... Once again I always love the idea of a personal coupon to present a special little treat to that special someone. Plan something just for them.. Don't let a limited budget stop you from creating a lasting memory... Your budget maybe limited but your inspiration and creating need not be... Home-made gifts often are very memorable and add just the right touch for a gift from the heart. Something as simple as a candlelit movie night with your partner can be very enjoyable... Letting anyone know you care is always a ego booster. After all it makes you happy when you create happiness for others.. You do not have to go to extreme of so much work however that you ruin the day for yourself... It is always fun to think outside the box although the flowers and chocolates are always lovely. {Being the owner of a flower and gift shop of the past I thought I should make mention of that}... Valentines Day is usually thought of as being a romantic day but we shouldn't exclude our children and grandchildren as we need to show them they are loved also. If you are very short for time a plate of cut out frosted heart sugar cookies is always a treat... Store bought everything is nice but home-made in my eyes is always better. The thought you took the time to make something special just for that person is the extra we all desire... Later today I am going to put some thoughts together and get started on creating.. Do you have something special in mind for your loved one's this year?
ps. This evening we are going to friends home to play some cards and get together with the couples we shared our vacation with at Myrtle Beach in October as we do not see each other as much in the winter..


Richard Cottrell said...

I just love Valentines day and old Valentines. Thanks for stopping by my Blog post. Richard at wwww.myoldhistorichouse.blogspot.com

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Lovely thoughts and you do such a blessed way of encouraging others. Thanks

Rebecca said...

Marietta what a wonderful memory you created for your children and now for the grandkids. When I had the store, I carried quite a nice assortment of goodies so they made out quite well but I have to confess the last few years gramma has been slipping.
This year we will be in AZ, but I usually send a little something.
Have a good evening with your friends, it sounds fun!