Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OH my.... here I am again.... Over the fall and Christmas holiday a few months ago I made hundreds of the "LADIES OF THE PAST" paper doll ornaments.... I took a few months rest from them .. all the cutting ...gluing.. and creating. I got some emails requesting to please offer them again and now have decided to place some on my ebay auction ....sweetoldvintage... I will offer them from time to time now till a couple weeks before Christmas... Thought it may be fun to share a couple photos ... incase you had not seen them offered on Ebay. They are my creations and I do truly love making them.... At Christmas time I will share some pictures of my trees and ideas. The dolls have also sold for scrapbooking... Most of my dolls are 9" to 10" but I did offer a few smaller for lades who wanted them for 3" or 4" trees.... The dolls are embellished with vintage jewelry... hat pins... plumes..ribbons..ect....

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