Sunday, May 18, 2008


HOME.. our daily companion.. it warms us when the rest of the world seems cold.... gives us strength when weary and lends grace to our gatherings... the smells of breakfast cooking and filling our rooms... a lovely table of mismatched dishes... a flickering candle and a lovely bud from our garden adorning our table.... all these restores our body and spirit.. this indulges our eye as well as our taste buds.

Life is so precious... making sure our home is a refuge, not just a place to lay our head is so very important. Our homes are there to greet us in the morning and in the evenings after a hard labor and to the ones who can be at home.. for our afternoon leisure... These moments are meant to be serene. Adding personality to our personal space with found loved objects..a beautiful quilt or lovely with it's shimmer...all add comfort and welcome. A pretty teacup. a piece of antique or vintage are things we draw pleasure from... all adding grace and beauty. A collector loves to display and share with friends,,, we find ourselves in yet another antique or at a flea market turning over a object to view it's maker's mark....running our finger for chips and if we happen to find one we find we love it anyway and choose to take it home. These pleasures are what allows us to feel we are in a place of comfort and with a dear friend..HOME...........

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