Thursday, August 14, 2008


As I am changing my objects around for a deeper fall look and colors I will be using through winter... I look and hold the objects and wonder what stories they would tell if they could talk... The people who have pre-loved them and the homes and families they have survived the ravage of time in... I do know that is why I love them so much.. Gee compared to a cheap piece of plastic used in our homes who can not fall in love with these gifts of time.... I will just keep adding and subtracting from now on till Christmas decorating is complete and I feel the objects are in their favorite place for showing off. I will store alot of my lighter and pink rose items I use for summer till about the end of March depending on when the Easter holiday falls. A couple items may be shifted to the bedroom. This is just a rititual with me....I think it is the shop owner- manager-designer in me that I forgot to retire in retirement.. I really did forget to retire that part and it may never happen. I like to take a picture of changes and look at it and I find that it shows me what things really look like as you study it. It's a bit like when you are adding light to a Christmas tree and other places to decorate you take your eyes and squint and you can find all the holes that the lights needs to be adjusted...Don't beliee that works?? Try it.. It is amazing.. It works... I also was trrying to decide on a table arrangement this morning and snapped a couple photos and am sharing them with you as I studied them... I decided that the arrangement with the antique pitcher filled with lovely silk hydrangias will work just fine.. That will be leaving the bowl that belongs with the pitcher to be placed in my large bay window in living room until the Christmas village come out the last of October....
Also shared a picture of the addition of a lovely crepe beaded scarf and a vintage belt buckle to the stool I covered with a square table cloth a couple day ago. Just added alittle bling.

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