Friday, November 7, 2008

Pssst... Who Doesn't Love Christmas ???

When planning for Christmas I usually have one thought process with 2 exciting words.... EMBELLISH EVERYTHING... add a touch of romance with lighting... I personally do not enjoy bright lights in the evening and love using the silicone bulbs ... I love the pleasure it gives to me and remember it is your home.... this requires that you decorate with your own stamp. Show off cast-a-ways of others and enjoy giving it repurpose... I have a very good friend I have aquired objects from and she always come and says... "why did I get rid of that?" My answe is aways " I don't know but I love it" The aspect of salavaging is totally in the eye of the beholder but the envy of many. I know many families pull out the same ornaments every year and decorate the same way every year. If this works for you this is wonderful. I can't seem to make that work for me. I use some of my higher end purchases from year to year but always moving them around and changing them to a different theme. I also realize this has alot to do with my designer background and having to present new and fresh and exciting ideas to the public to keep them coming back... Being in my senior years I just plain find pleasure in being who I am and placing my mark on my home. I still get very excited to see the work of others and the ideas and decorating of ones homes... Through blogging it is exciting seeing ideas exchanged.... I am getting quite far along with my decorating and it once again is proving to be a wonderful start to the holiday season... Bring it on....

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