Friday, February 13, 2009

The Romantics

Stepping into your home... what do you see and what is the aroma????? When inviting a loved one home or a friend or family member to join you for conversation.... your seating comfortable and relaxed with elements of suprise? Life moves too fast and we need to take time and relax awhile ... proving we need to have elements in our homes. To me... no room is complete without blooms and collections... This is not for everyone... as I have a friend who says she couldn't stand all this STUFF around her but chooses to have a dog cage... food ... water... hair .... and not so great aroma surround her, hummmm. Personally I will take my dust collectors. I feel loved collections as we wake up every morning keeps our passion alive.
With my recent health problem I was finding it difficult to wake up with that romantic passion and have been missing it very much. The energy wasn't there to make it shine through. The unexpected ideas were stagnant. With the steadiness of more sunshine in our area seems to be coming back the romantic thoughts..... how Divine... just in time for valentine's day.......

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Barb said...

Thanks for the reminder and thoughts on being hospitable.

Nice post.
Barbara Jean