Friday, May 8, 2009

Aged Book Pages Bundles

Thought I would share with you a couple aged book pages silk flower bundles I finished a few minutes ago. I am really not creating today... I am fluffing the house but I have to take breaks and this was one break... The silk snowballs were in one of the boxes I purchased at the sale yesterday... I have another large bush of them left yet... I made a bundle for myself and the bundle featured with the small book for my daughter { the book was at the sale yesterday and I picked it up and showed it to Judy and she said put it in your pocket... it is only about 3 " long... a bible... I love it.... and I have placed it under a real small glass cloche} The bundles are so easy... just secure your bundles with wire or tied tight with cord or ribbon... it does takes larger book pages.... I just tucked in the sides and gather the pages.. tie with ribbons you love around pages...You do not want perfection with the pages being all perfect.... I just added a grungy tag and SO SIMPLE..... Would make a great little gift for a visit or a little pick-me- up for a friend or family.....

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Sandi said...

I love your book bundles! What a clever idea!!