Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Yesteryears

I do so hope my children can say they had sweet yesteryear's. I love my memories of times past but also very much enjoy living in modern day as I stated in a earlier post a day or so ago. Time kissed treasures are surrounding me on a daily basis, but laptops and flat screens are also our joys, they just mingle in with the lovely objects of the past. Photos of lady's in pretty hats, beads and crystals,silver, laces, ribbons, vintage jewelry and rhinestones,vintage gloves are just a sampling of sweet yesteryear's that surround me. All these sweet remembrances, some with stories, some I don't know their stories. It is really neat when we can go to the antique shops and purchase old photos of people we love for their style of clothing or a lovely hair style or a antique brooch they have on in the photo.... and so for a couple bucks we can upgrade our families, all you have to do is display them... as you wonder who these people were, you imagine... he is tall and humble... she was very beautiful and a loving wife to her husband or ahhhh this one was definitely a spinster.... we can have a very distinguished family surrounding us cause we choose them to be part of our family. How fun... As days with their burdens has departed and twilight descends... the reign of rest is upon us... then we begin the process all over again causing the passing of Sweet Yesteryear's...

Monday, June 29, 2009


If you listen ...Vintage speaks to you.... it will change your way of looking at objects.. Vintage pieces may not aways be perfect museum quality items but they sure have the capabilities of making some lovely vignettes, that can truly astonish. Today Barb, a very close friend of many years left her city life and came to visit in my green pastures. From my little country home we went to Defiance seeking out vintage finds, stopping at a thrift store and Ft. Defiance Antiques. I did purchase a cutter piece of old cotton and a very lovely pink rose plate as pictured above. The cutter I plan to make a couple pillows .... I will share when I complete the project. Barb found much more she felt she had to have than I did. I am still using the thought process of ... do I "want" this or do I" need" this, and have been able to keep all my shopping habits very wallet friendly. Collecting can truly be a addiction... I know I am a pink rose plate "acholic".... I find I am just so drawn to plates with lovely soft old fashion pink roses...I guess we all have a weakness for some things we feel to be gorgeous.Falling for lovely plates makes them instant treasures, hoping all along you may find a sweet deal. To finish off our little afternoon outing we shared lunch at Applebee's. Now my friend is off to her city life and picking up purchases she made on the trip here and I am home posting and waiting the arrival of fore casted rain.... The skies are threatening but no sprinkles yet......

Fly A Kite

From my house to yours.... whether you live in a Malibu dream home or a simple country home like ours.... we all have one thought in common. We all strive to have comfort in mind. This can mean different things to us. Comfort to some means having all things of luxury.{ Little robots to wait on us} Well for me that means I best get my own"BOT" moving cause there's nothing mechanical here. Comfort for me means cozy furniture, surrounded by objects I love, and oh the smell of something wonderful cooking or baking in the kitchen and the aroma spilling throughout the home. When friends and family stop by you always have something to share with them, besides your comfy home and conversation. In a earlier post I mentioned about being happiest at home. Since we have the luxury of staying on our own property we are so very free to soak up sights and sounds at our leisure. My home lately has laughter and slashes of children enjoying their summer freedom. We can learn from a child and enjoy things that already surround you. Remember the term " GO FLY A KITE" ??? Maybe we should. Do you remember how fun it is to have that kite flying freely through the skies?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scrambled Thoughts

Although a couple weeks have passed my night time sleep is still interrupted. I am awakened often with the memory of the phone call telling me my son has been in a motorcycle accident... His Harley demolished and knowledge of where he had been transported was unknown. I sat as quietly as possible for what seemed to be at least a hour waiting for another phone call. I now must face the fact that he will have another motorcycle but also have been assured better decisions will be made when riding one. I must remind myself of his love for them and also if Tom got hit in the head with a golf ball or a club it certainly wouldn't stop him from going to the course. This is going to be very difficult for me as I shake when I even hear a motorcycle and instantly remember that night.... Maybe it is just too soon to accept.....
I have shown a picture of my son, Chad, taken this evening while visiting... Looking somewhat tired and restless but still a small grin on his face and a pretty good attitude. I am so very thankful we have him here in our lifes. I also took a picture of his hand , his worse injury, but decided not to post this photo, but I would like to share some thoughts and poem ramblings however.

No longer playing by my side, for me to nurture and to guide.
The books and toys are all gone.... { except for the sound of a Harley}
No precious bedtime stories to hear.
My days once busy, now seem somewhat calm.
Wishing I still heard the tiny voice still saying MOM.
Youth has quickly come and gone.
You have allot to learn in later years it seems.
I know it's hard but must be learned, of honor and
decency and respect always must be earned.
Life is fragile... and becomes a precious loving family bond.
A bond that can't be broken or torn away.....
For you my son, my love grows stronger still, day by day.

PS. Would like to thank all you for thoughts and prayers and would ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers and best wishes as we have more issues to work our way through ... Chad personally and as a family...... We all have issues to work through in our lives , rich or poor, unknown or famous... and we all hurt..... It is so important to be kind to a friend or family who is hurting..... as our times also arrive when so unexpected....


Do we really realize how fortunate we are to be living in our times and not the times of the lady of the past as pictured above. We ourselves can control what we want our life's to be. Express yourself in what you choose to do. Indeed we live in interesting times. As our world today travels at a fast pace, we still have many choices. We also may choose to refreshingly slow down and enjoy all simple pleasures as in the past. We may choose to listen to soft classical music rather than our computer screen or walking instead of getting in the fast lane. I personally choose the soft music some moments and the computer much of the time, all giving me choices. We need to remember.... choices are ours. We can have pieces of the dreams of the past in our modern day, but still do it the old-fashion way if desired. If we take time to appreciate all we have available today we truly can have incredible things at our fingertips. We are so very blessed. Some of our favorite words today in our blogging posts seem to be ... Simple... old-fashion... treasures... all small things are in our lives. Why do we find our self's longing for so much more? Want no more. Life is short... Start embellishing our hearts and home with all things precious. It's like the difference of COTTAGES or CASTLES. Take what you have and have a passionate attitude to enjoy. In my senior years, some may call me "old-fashion". Maybe but I possess some of the images of my grandmother and mother but maybe with a different twist. I have learned to love and accept some things shouldn't be disposable and that the "TRUE" value many times have nothing to do with MONEY. Not spending... let's me place value on what is truly important, like living in our time and enjoying what's available to us. It is a dose of simple wisdom and allows a happy, harmonious life.

Plan Your Own Leisure Time

Need a break? It would be a shame to deprive yourself of a lovely time due to lack of funds in our time of the economy crunch. With a desire .... you can have lovely... get-a-ways... right in in our own space. With my thoughts I am always happiest when spending time at home... Why not plan a couple get-a-ways for you upcoming week? It would be so very easy to make your home become a signature inn. We can start by planning a lush, but peaceful afternoon with adding a lovely table cloth to dine on and bring pillows from indoors,outdoors , if your don't have pillows for the outside space. Plan a lovely lunch...{ if you don't want to spend time in the kitchen then purchase chicken salad and prepared fruits and lovely desserts from your local deli. Sherbets are always a great summer addition.} The key is to make your time special with the use of lovely china{ let those paper plates in the cupboards, ladies.} and lovely stemmed china glasses to serve beverages. With the use of these you have set a lovely lush setting, and even though you are outdoors, add a couple candles enclosed by glass to insure flames with keep flickering, for added ambiance. A few blooms trimmed from garden or shrubs are always a perfect touch. Write on paper your plan and start to execute the day before so your day will be quiet and to perfection. Your whole day can be spent by adding special touches... A breakfast brunch with a lovely tea service- a cup of fruit in a lovely dessert dish... a simple bagel or muffin with cream cheese or a selection of sweet rolls or coffee cake.... followed by conversation... reading a book or magazine... hum making eyes heavy for closing for a nap or just dreaming, and thinking of the things you love. When planning this for myself I will be using vintage vision as I love using all objects mis-matched.... I will always have pink roses included somewhere. If you are not lucky enough to have a pool. do remember to include peaceful moments spent in a bath tub however. You can achieve this by adding a couple stems of flowers and flickering candles .. using your very best plush towels and wonderful bath oils, another magazine and very soft music adds perfect touches. Maybe you would like to share the tub... I don't share... It's all mine.....
If you want to have the feel of being at a bed and breakfast for the weekend/ use all the charms of your home and belongings. Cherished china , crystal and lace and those chandeliers and candles for casting a romantic glow.
Bedrooms with a couple buds... a lovely beverage... a good book or movie... and of course fresh crisp bedding sprayed with some linen scent... lavender... my choice Are you starting to get the idea and getting eager to have your get-a-way. Wouldn't this be a lovely plan for your loved one to enjoy when arriving home... My only suggestion when including a television would be to make it a purchased movie to be enjoyed by two and {NOTHING WITH A REMOTE}.
The time you want to spend or have available to spend can be of your choice. I usually like to have 5 or 6 hours at least. I assure you it will happen a couple times this week over the Fourth of July holiday. The 5th of July is taken with playing a mixed couples scramble and a lunch but we will be coming home for a wonderful cool off by jumping in the pool.
PS.{Planning a private holiday is out for today as my son just called and said they would be coming over later this afternoon. He wants to show me his hand that the doctor took the stitches out as he wants me to see how it is all pinned together... Oh, I am not so sure about this.} I may need the time plan soon. I hope I have inspired you all to do something special for yourself and enjoy the simple things and make them elegant and special... This makes lasting memories.... Enjoy Life.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Summertime.... With the lovely plantings is a perfect time to pursue space in your backyard. Creating outdoor living space is a must-have in my eyes. The freedom to enjoy one's self or with other's. My back area was invaded by many this past week and a half. Yesterday Tom and I enjoyed our self's for brief moments, then joined by our friends, Fran and Jeannie, and their son Tom and his children were home from North Carolina. Soon to be joined by Tom's daughter and two son's... the neighbors seeing the grand kids here came over and added four more.... we took a break ... played 9 hole couples scramble and came home and over come Tom's nephews Ted and Andy, wife and baby to swim under the lights. It was lights out at 11:00... All voices returned to their spaces... Only "In the good old summertime" in back yard spaces....

Ps. It is a new day.... the back yard space is full of voices once again.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rasberry Lemonade and Crystal Water

Today has been a old fashion summer day with a temp of 93 degrees and sipping rasberry lemonade and floating in wonderful crystal clean water of the pool...... has been the agenda for today. While it all sounds wonderful we did work on mowing the yard and some chores.... A dip or two was included before the mowing was completed however.... I am off to enjoy a lunch and sitting out by the pool for the evening.....enjoy your evening all.

Memories and Treasures

Grandma's antique bowl... true inspiration... and fond memories. This bowl is irresistible ... I have displayed this bowl for many years in my home with it's graciousness and tender memories. I close my eyes and remember precious moments spent with grandma... Although the moments seem fresh and dear... they took place many years ago.... This precious piece of times past affirm how relations live in our hearts and minds... This china bowl is a valuable possession in my eyes... It will belong to my daughter someday.... although she will have the strong connection to it that I feel she will still enjoy it's beauty. The bowl brings back memories of when I would complain I would have nothing to do as a child... grandma would go to her treasured buttons and randomly hide them everywhere and I would spend hours searching them out. It took many years to pass for me to truly appreciate the value of the buttons and the beloved piece of china.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Daze

Today the temperature in our area is suppose to act like Fourth of July Skyrockets..... I think I will be choosing to lay around with book in one hand and float around in the crystal water of the pool with a ice cold lemonade accompanying in the other hand. I know I am going to pamper myself and take it easy.... I do not personally take heat very well.....and don't feel I need to push so very hard anymore. This is one of the good things about retirement, but please don't wish your life away as being younger and having to work is a good thing.... On days such as this I can meditate and find to keep someone special in my thought and prayers.... Oh no... I just realized I don't have chocolate's.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What We Expect

My thoughts as I sit typing my post to you is I have never really considered myself as having the desire to live in more than a modest style home with a touch of quaint style to it. Never have I had a desire to live in a very large home with mega footage. Reality is ... as I have stated before in posting... I love our comfy home. Not having to have intercoms on each room to communicate with each other but just enough room you can seek a small quiet haven if desired. To be on a budget but still allowing ones self to have sweet and lovely touches, this is enough for me. Glam and quaint are two of my favorite terms and can be very simple to achieve. The way we love to live with objects that mean so much more than the large size of a home. personal belongings stimulate our minds and our hearts.
Having much more in life than a person requires, I cannot see it as a blessing you truly appreciate . It just becomes something you learn to EXPECT. This is my eyes becomes a down-fall for all humanity. I do believe this to be where our American people are in the world right at this very moment. I also know to many my thinking may not seem right but I can tell you... through my years of aging and into the senior years... what you have accumulated will not make you remembered the way you would like... unless you choose to share with many.... only a select few will remember. Sharing lovely meals and quality time in your comfy little home will make you highly appreciated and remembered... Fond memories. So many of my blogger friends share their wonderful homes and families through the post they place on their blogs. I have so many I love to visit that seem to share the small gifts in life I also treasure. I visit many sites and blogs that are beyond my means and desires but enjoy them also. My choices in my life style definitely is not for everyone, but I am also very thankful I have everything I feel I need. WANT can over come and take true pleasures from one's life. In many cases this can be learned through the everyday process we call "Life". Enjoy small treasures and learn to be content and enjoy. You will be so very glad you did......

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Morning Friends

I hope a peaceful and relaxing Father's Day was enjoyed by all yesterday... I had a houseful with Tom's adult children and grandkids and water splashing and sounds of laughter all afternoon. The fun in the sun accompanied by sandwiches , snacks, and desserts and beverages was enjoyed by all.

I was looking at new posts on my very favorite bloggers I follow this morning and found Fifi has another new post this week. Her last two , as always, are quite stunning... Please stop over and enjoy the beautiful photos posted by this very takented lady... the last post is on the use of the great color of green. The lovely lady in the photo above has her hat ready for the visit at http://fabulousfifi.typepad.com
The sun is up and the birds are singing their songs this morning... The forecast is for a very warm day..... Our last week consisted of grey days and 3 and a half inches if rain. The farmers in our area are not enjoying another good year of working their fields and having crops come up. If you are not connected or have knowledge of a farmers life, I can assure you it can be quite stressful. A typical day on the farm can be a very enjoyable one but we have not had that in our area this year. Most days in the country however are a signature of natures beautiful bounty and glorious offerings and that is what keeps us hopeful and wanting to share the gifts from the great outdoors. Many of you that live in cities and larger towns feel the need for great escapes while in the country we can walk out in our back yards and enjoy our favorite vacation spots.....I personally can be very content in my modest ranch home in a country location, surrounded with a deep love for pretty and timeworn treasures and a strong passion just for a everyday life.... The simplicity and goodness are a country life's fancy. Now... I must move on with my day.... try to enjoy the birds songs and take small breaks between.... laundry and scooping up rich chocolate brownie crumbs lost by grandchildren little hands ......and getting objects back in there places.... Have a blessed day all, as I slip back into my little corner of the world.........

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Private World Of Retreat

"For without the private world of retreat... one becomes
virtually a unbalanced creature"
Elenor McMillen Brown

I do believe we all come to moments when we are in the need of time alone... maybe time for quiet moments with pen in hand to add our thoughts to paper. A wonderful book or magazine to refresh our minds thoughts. We should not feel guilty about these needs, but rather embrace them. Our Friends and family will also benefit from this time as we become a much happier person from taking this blissful solitude, without interruptions. Taking moments for own well-being will make us renewed and transformed. Take it, enjoy it, and use it wisely. Ever think of giving a friend a gift of a free day. Covering for them... A free day to a loved one or a friend, whatever we choose, make it rich, and wonderful.... This is my wish for each of you.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Is A Dad ?

Even though my family is not perfect.... My son's father and I divorced after 27 years of marriage and I have lived with my partner Tom for several years .... and my father has passed... we still all on both sides ... appreciate what a father means to us.... I would like to share a poem with you ......

What Is A Dad..........

A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off , and lets you try again.
A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes, but instead let's you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt .
A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you when even you fail.....
Susan Ceylise


http://mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com is hosting a lovely give-a-way... Please stop by and visit her blog, you will be glad you did....

Planting The Seed

Many thoughts and words have been spoken between my son and our family the past week. Mainly when it comes down to it...... it is about planting the seed....We can put our grass seed in the soil knowing rain and watering combined with rays of sunshine will cause the seed to sprout and become a lovely lawn to be cared for.... We also need to do this nurturing for our friends, family, and self-being. We must understand all of life, not just a part of it. We must dance and sing and suffer and understand, for this is life. Everything effects us. There can be great value in all that happens. We can learn to place our heart and soul into what we do to make the outcome of great value. We are germinating our seed and feeling the sense of wholeness. Making good decisions are our drops of water.. When we make coffee in the morning we should think of the growers. When we toast our toast we should think of the farmers that grew the grain. This is a thought process we need to think for enriching our life's. So very many people are involved in our lives , seen and unseen. Our thoughts and actions directly affect our friends and loved ones... as we do not live in this world alone. So very many people are affected by our choices... The best way not to get caught up in things that bog us down is to find meaning and purpose in everything... choose to see the miracle in a drop of water and a seed and grow from it. Equally awesome is being alive to experience all the big in all the little. Make a foundation of all our choices, for as soon as we trust in our self we will know how to live, through self-respect..... our lawn is then green......

Even a happy life cannot be without some measure of darkness....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Falling In Chocolate

Oh to forget everything and to fall into Chocolate would be much nicer.... My body feels as though it needs four food groups... Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and truffles.... and for dessert... chocolate......

Just a short message to update... Surgery is over on my son and he is improving...he is able to tolerate the pain level much better now ... I am so ready to return to my quiet life and finally rest easier... I just returned home and he is home in bed resting comfortably......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We need to find God, and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence... See how nature- trees, flowers, grass -grow in silence... see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence... the more we recieve in silent prayer, the more we can give in active life. We need silence to be able to touch souls.. The essential thing is not what we say, but what God says to us and through us...... Mother Teresa

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Need To Take Some Time Off

I wanted to let you know I will need several days away from posting. Friday night one of my sons demolished his motorcycle and will be having surgery on Tuesday. I will be spending all my time with him and his needs and until we get through this as a family. His injury's are not life threatening but many cuts... bruises... abrasions... and fractures and breaks... One hand every finger and hand is broken. This will be his surgery on Tuesday.....Please keep us in your prayers ..... We all need sleep....... It has been 2 night with just a couple hours..... Blessings to you all....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Darn... My maid never shows up...

Darn, where is a maid when I need her? Guess I will never know as I have said in past posts... I just have a wooden butler named Clyde, that is just standing in the corner and a dish washer named , Erma, that only does dishes about every week and a half. Oh my car.. Trailblazer... name is Bessie and she works well when needed. I am all in for today as far as doing things in my home... Tom and I will be going over to the golf course about 5:00 to play mixed couple scrambles tonight so I need to conserve some energy.... The day continues to be nice... just maybe a slight chilly.. but very nice.
I was able to do some things around my home today and will continue tomorrow. Our home ..... Don't we all dream to have a home that neighbors, friends and family want to come and visit and chat. These homes must have areas that invite and encourage reading, talking and relaxing... To turn down the tempo of our life's with quiet settings and the glow of candlelight in inviting areas takes special attention to details... I have seen so very many bloggers are achieving this by photos posted on their sites... It is so nice to share ideas and time with others.....ps. the gal above in the photo needs to trade in her feather duster for a SWIFFER duster.... I just love mine....

Dining In The Garden

Oh my .... the sun is actually peeking through this morning.... It is chilly but I will be going out in awhile and cleaning up my decks and porch and around the pool in hopes of some of God's lovely sunshine and wonderful weather to come for the next few days. You can know there will be some dining in the garden area this weekend. Maybe just sticking toes in the pool yet for a couple days but you never can tell... maybe I will get brave and take the first plunge of the season... BBBBRRRR.... The pleasure of dining in the garden will be mine every day of nice weather... Including coffee and lunch and supper.... With today's interest in casual dining ... we can employ outdoor bistro chairs and table and outdoor furniture with comfy pillows... Just a wonderful place for coffee and conversation and watching the birds carry on their active day.... I so love the look of chunky and rusty added to the outdoor decor. Then add the softness of chippy china hanging ... sitting... and half buried in your garden area. What a treat for the eye appeal. Castoffs can really strut their stuff in your yards and garden area and make one of a kind statements....For a true garden spirit... revive old objects....This is a very good on the budget way of decorating a outdoor space and making it a relaxed comfortable space to come and rest the weary mind and body... It is my love to always add a presence of water if only with a small fountain making a trickling sound.... A touch of fabric or doily's give a soft feel to the outdoors and tie together a color theme.... I am off to my quirky mix of outdoor furnishings to tidy up and reflect my love of vintage to my out door spaces.... Enjoy your day.... Up with the dining umbrellas..... How Divine.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picture Hat , My Umbrella

I wonder if this lovely picture hat can also serve as a umbrealla as we are once again receiving rain... If we could only control when we get our rain showers... One moment we have too much and then next we are praying for rain. I have mentioned in many of my posts how our area in Ohio has not been a good start to our summer season. Many sad farmers faces in our area as alot of them are having to replant their crops. We again are included in them. Last year we had large losses due to the lack of rain and this spring we are off to loss due to too mucht rain crusting the seeds in the ground and not coming up. We are very small , but many are planting large amount of acres... The cost will really hurt the profits... It is not only the car industry who have many problems but I am sure there will be NO bail out, even those these poor people did things right..... The up side is after we get through today we are suppose to have a week or so of better weather. Hopefully it will make everyone in a more up beat mood.... There just is so much worry and confusion in our world today it is very difficult to stay focused on the wonderful blessing we do have in life ..... I know Tom and I have many and they do outweigh the negatives but somehow the negatives always seem to get the strong hold .....
I have been reading allot of blogs have been setting up for booths and flea markets ect. I know personally I have stopped my buying of which I have also mentioned in past posts.... I was just wondering if the markets are still doing as well as in the past. I suppose you still have the families who may have not been hurt by the economy but I don't believe I personally know anyone who hasn't made some changes in the way of living. I know I really think it over as to WANT or NEED and almost every time can set it back down and walk away.... I do not do this at the grocery store however... I feel we deserve to eat well if I am willing to give up the other wants.... besides that I really love food. Hope all you out there are having a good day and I wonder if others are having feelings such as mine... It's like a small battle with yourself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Very Rare Parrot Flower

I received these photos from a friend and have shared with a couple friends but thought it would be nice for all my friends to see. I was in ahhhh when I viewed the photos. This Parrot Flower is from Thailand and is a protected species... So very unusual and beautiful ENJOY...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We arrived back in Ohio and home a while ago ... I thought I would share some of the lovely views we had to enjoy over the weekend at Tom's son, Todd and his family home. Alot of hussel and bussel when these were taken getting around for party... It was a great party... The pool was not empty all weekend .... I snapped these before family and friends started arriving... It was very nice but as always I am very glad to be baack home.