Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comfort Is Bliss

I saw a sign in Romantic Homes magazine that said " Spend It Like You Got It"... Now that's a real way to cause yourself some stress.
I truly believe the wisdom of the years past has taught me this process will cause you nothing but un-needed "stuff" and create many headaches. I would rather just think of life as a bunch of desserts... Ones baked with love and nourishment already paid for. For my special dessert I got out my trusty old iron skillet for baking and whipped up a pineapple upside down cake... for after supper dessert this evening. Today will only be 2 meals served as we just finished a rather large breakfast after coming home from mass. Bacon.. fresh fried potatoes and fried corn mush with syrup was served for breakfast ... As soon as the cake came out and I snapped a couple pics.. I placed a pan of country style ribs in for supper which will later have BBQ sauce applied after starting to fall apart...Cream potatoes and candies carrots will also be served... Like any devoted woman it is very important to me to serve delicious meals.. And for another, we really enjoy them and find when sometime dining out we are disappointed many times.. I love the aromas in the home all the day cooking and baking on a day of rest... Makes a house just more of a home.. The warmth and feeling of bliss has been hanging around as I have be creating Valentines for loved ones the past couple days after daily chores are done. After all, showing our love is what matters the very most.. When this is your feeling... warmth, welcoming and personal atmosphere dwells to all that come there. Achieving this becomes very enjoyable to you and others. Comfort is important.. What are you doing today to add to the comfort of life?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Written Words

Written words are special on any day but on Valentine's Day they have a symbolic meaning, actually taking time to write something special to friends and loved ones. After all.. Love is what makes the world go round... The love for one's self and others.. " A Heart that loves is always young"... so I am creating valentines today for the special people in my life... Having fun and staying young.. Take time and write down some loving words you would like to say to the special ones in your life!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Things Mean Allot

I am sharing my morning coffee time as I many morning do and peering out my window watching fine snow starting to fall... The forecast says more snow for our area but nothing like the east coast forecast... Some of the states once again this year have received very unusual weather...Snow is not too alarming here as we have all the equipment to combat what we receive and the roads crews do a wonderful job...
I had made mention I hadn't frequented a antique shop, so yesterday I did for a short period of time as Tom and I went to town to purchase groceries... I believe I have learned not to buy one thing I can't live without or I am ready to part with something I have as I only purchased 5 keys 5 for 1.00 and some religious metals for embellishing in Jeanne d Ark style.....I was seeking some mixed bag of lace etc. for altered art ... I am sure I will find some soon... Maybe I have just found total contentment in what I have although I seem to still have passion for many objects .... I did make mention that I had purchased a junk jewelry lot on Ebay and I did receive it ... I have some of it pictured above... There was more... I am amazed how many bids and the ending price many of these lots actually sell for... I love finding some new embellishment and bling , and I do not seem to be the only one as it seems altered art has become increasingly more popular.. Most anything can be used in creating beautiful pieces.. Check your old jewelry or when purchasing this use broken necklaces, earrings that have lost their mates, old buttons, beautiful rhinestone or filigree charms or pendants... All these marry well with a romantic feel. The true passion for me is the creating something I find to be beautiful for myself or to gift to others and doing so on a dime if possible... I love surrounding myself with a bit of lovely objects and a bit of imagination.. This creates perfect moments of contentment... I am a very simple person at heart... and Tom always says I am a cheap date... It's the little things that bring true happiness and make you smile... Hope your day makes you smile and is filed with all those little things that means allot....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gathering Inspiration From Vintage Hankies

While gathering thoughts and inspiration for Valentines Day I stopped by this site for a visit...

I thought you may enjoy a visit if you have thoughts of vintage hankies and ways of using them.... Great inspiration her. Vintage hankies do make lovely collectibles at affordable prices if you weren't offered any by grandma. I love the thought and pic on the site used as a collar for a hand tied wedding bouquet.. While finding inspiration from other remember a wonderful way to let some know why you love them is to write down and share with them all the reasons... Sometime we deserve and have need for a reminder that we are so special to someone else. Sometime spent with these thoughts can make your day special as it will to the person you are writing about.. It once again makes you realize how very fortunate you are to have these people in your life....

Thoughts For Your Someone Special

Now is the time to dream of inspiration and get started on something special you would like to achieve for the some one's special in your life for the coming Valentine's Day. When my children were younger they would always look forward to the brown bag sacks I would decorate with paper doilies and Valentines trim and hang on the inside of the front door to be filled with candy and cookies for the special day of showing love... My plans this year since those days have long past is to gather my personal stash of supplies and go to the craft room and create some home-made Valentines for the grand kids... Once again I always love the idea of a personal coupon to present a special little treat to that special someone. Plan something just for them.. Don't let a limited budget stop you from creating a lasting memory... Your budget maybe limited but your inspiration and creating need not be... Home-made gifts often are very memorable and add just the right touch for a gift from the heart. Something as simple as a candlelit movie night with your partner can be very enjoyable... Letting anyone know you care is always a ego booster. After all it makes you happy when you create happiness for others.. You do not have to go to extreme of so much work however that you ruin the day for yourself... It is always fun to think outside the box although the flowers and chocolates are always lovely. {Being the owner of a flower and gift shop of the past I thought I should make mention of that}... Valentines Day is usually thought of as being a romantic day but we shouldn't exclude our children and grandchildren as we need to show them they are loved also. If you are very short for time a plate of cut out frosted heart sugar cookies is always a treat... Store bought everything is nice but home-made in my eyes is always better. The thought you took the time to make something special just for that person is the extra we all desire... Later today I am going to put some thoughts together and get started on creating.. Do you have something special in mind for your loved one's this year?
ps. This evening we are going to friends home to play some cards and get together with the couples we shared our vacation with at Myrtle Beach in October as we do not see each other as much in the winter..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Memories Made

The snow is falling rapidly and blowing around as it makes it way to the ground this morning... I thought I would share a short post and a picture of Olivia, my light of my life with you this morning as we had a small gathering yesterday to celebrate her 3 rd birthday... The cake saga continued as she loved her little swimming pool for her little doll on the cake... I was telling the story of sunken hole in the cake and Olivia looks at me and says " I'm gonna eat it anyway." Too precious.... She just loved it.... That's what memories are made of...... with family.......

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Opps... Not By Design

You know those little things in life that just happen ???? I had to just smile and carry on with this one... I baked the cake and it was lovely and nice and brown and checked it with the toothpick and touch of the finger so naturally I took it from the oven... turned my back and a instant swimming pool for the little doll I had planned on placing on the cake.... Olivia loves the water so I thought the little doll would be cute for her to take swimming...I think the sink hole space will be fill with light blue frosting... I am still rather chuckling as I have had this happen before when you want it to be extra special... Usually there is a crack down the center or something.... Well I told you the best things in life are free... This one was good for a laugh! Have a nice weekend.....

Friday, January 21, 2011


Oh burrrrrr!!!! We are having single digit weather today only to drop further for the next several days in our area... Snow blanketed the fields and lawns along with bright sunshine making it almost blinding to the eyes.... Our well drilling and installation completed and I am doing a load of laundry and it sounds as though Niagara Falls is flowing into my washer. I am not use to that kind of water pressure ... Whoppeee.. They have placed chlorine in the system for cleaning and last night I thought I smelled like I had just came from a swimming pool when I washed my hair to attend the Tinora guys basketball game.. That will ease up however... Well that completed faze two of burying the money.. Last year was the field tile... now the well and this summer the new in ground pool... now that's really burying it!!!!!! While many of our friends are leaving or have already left for Florida Tom and I are attending girls and guys basketball and enjoying little offerings in life... Many evening we just enjoy sitting down to a lovely home-made meal and spending time talking.. Later sitting in a soft lite room, cuddled up in a throw and viewing TV of our choice and a bag of popcorn later... Sound simple? Maybe so... but to me that is the good life... Viewing lovely blogs and magazines with wonderful collections of vintage plates and china, lovely linens and textures all surrounding me just adds to the good life.. Learning to enjoy all the precious little things of beauty... Although I haven't made it to a antique shop I soon want to.... I did, however, purchase a jewelry lot from Ebay to create some altered art with as my stash is getting lower.. I could also enhance my stash of lace and lines ect. with a visit to a shop..
Sunday, I am having a very small birthday gathering Sunday of just my family for my 3 year old granddaughter.. This sweet little child is the light of my life... The plan is for a very large pan of home-made burritos and all the trimmings and ice cream and cake.. Simple but it is the gathering and sharing that is the important part... It is the small moments in life that offers beauty and indulgence.. I think so many miss this as they are out there searching for things with no practical reason... Stop.... Enjoy and swoon over the wonderful little offering's and privileges we can have.. The wisdom of aging and learning never regrets doing it... Enjoy life.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This morning I am waiting on the well drillers to install a different tank and finish up with our well so we may continue with all our luxuries water offers to us...I was searching for altered art ideas with old book pages of which I had many and came across this site I found many interesting things... If you click in under altered art you will find torn book pages securing with Sta Flo liquid starch and many other interesting ideas throughout the site.. I noticed that she has a booth at Camas Antiques also while searching... The site above and many of you may be familiar with it but for you that aren't and love little creations ... it is a fun place to go....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Picnic


Today has not been a picnic in our area today... All schools in surrounding areas were closed due to glazing of walkways and parking lots... The roads didn't seem too bad as Tom and traveled to Defiance this morning to purchase groceries... Stores did not have many shoppers and Tom and I purchased what we needed and traveled straight home again... The last few days have been rather dreary and I haven't found any extra energy as I am still fighting a head cold but I am better.... just wanted to ask everyone to stay safe if you are experiencing severe weather and hopefully I can find some inspiration and energy to share with you soon... Many best wishes sent your way..... The above picture looks so charming with the green grass and pleasant thoughts of more sun filled days that will come....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Life More Enjoyable

Today may be a day to think of what will be coming in a few weeks as spring will once again make it's appearance. Struggling with the head cold that has me not feeling well seems to be making the cold of the earth more predominant... This week we have some forecast that may create some harsh weather. The word ICE in the forecast is always disturbing to me as it spells danger... This is when my thoughts need to come to a relaxing time, places to find inner peace and harmony... Thoughts of green grass and delightful sounds and sights of little water features brings a smile and content to me.... even though I realize it is a couple months away... Until then, I will have to seek out little passions to help fill the void... Seeking cozy details that accent my surroundings always brings me joy. Maybe I just need to leave the house one day this week and spend a couple hours in a favorite antique shop, hunting for small treasures to create altered art with... Just a small way of spending a afternoon.... making a ordinary day seem more special. I personally know it doesn't take that much to make a difference... It can be as simple as the addition of a pretty dish to eat a dessert from or a couple flowers buds to make a ordinary setting a special one.. We do need to celebrate every single day and not to let them slip away... Sometimes it is a good thing to imagine you are just a guest in your home... adding little extras to make your guest happy and aware and finding enjoyment in them ourselves. You'll experience how your guest would feel and you'll be sure to want to stay... Bouquets and touches of greenery, wonderful books for viewing and reading and pretty papers for writing down thoughts are all lovely extras for creating lovely relaxed spaces... Well I am off...... { to place the laundry from the washer to the dryer} Got Ya... you thought I was going to say to create some lovely spaces... That also... right after the laundry exchange... What can you do to add some extras for your self this week? Enjoy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Missing My Online Journal

The last couple days I have been missing the love of blogging due to a severe head cold that has consumed my body and head... Today seems to be a bit of improvement as I travel through the morning hours. I only visited a few blogs the past couple days... Maybe today throughout the day I can connect for sometime as it is my main outlet for my online journal and sought after inspiration.
I have shares so very many times in the past the desire for my blog to be a uplifting place I come and visit with inspiration of achieving desires and passions while living on a limited budget and words of passion and hope... I want not ever to be boastful of anything I may fortunate to get in my possession but always grateful for little pleasures... Most of my post are made of everyday life and little happenings that matter to me... and staying way from government and religion, only my everything blessings I am so thankful to have... I find myself always inspired by happenings and creations taking place in others lives and homes and find a real joy of that sharing. I have developed a deep fondness of reading and writing more since my retirement.. Writing has always been a therapeutic way for me to release feelings.. We find friends in different countries and all walks of life that have one desire. To share... We all know life is not so perfect and if we always present it as such we are not being that realistic. A key for enjoying blogging is for fun.. If it does seem to become a obligation maybe it is best to take a couple days off.... Some days I just love visiting my favorite blogs and going to their favorite blog list and discovering blogs I find very appealing also... This seems to happen quite often and I know I have a goldmine of blogs out there to discover yet... I am sending you wishes for a peaceful Sunday and hopefully I will be back with a interesting and inspirational post real soon... I will be taking the day rather easy with napping, some cooking and later evening TV all in trying to nurse this darn ole' cold that has me feeling rather wimpy....

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Do you have dreams? I certainly do even though wisdom learned through my journey of life has told me not maybe to make them as large ... When we dream and take a leap of faith we also teach our children it is ok to dream and enjoy... I dream of seeking out lovely objects of the past that may have a story to tell of a good life or one that it may have been kicked around pretty good... All being signs of survival and endurance that is ever so important in our own lives. So many times you will hear someone say " It spokes to me".... I understand that fully as many things have spoken to me and if they were at all in my budget may have come home with me ... Many little objects spoke to me as I rescued many I am sure... These objects may not be desirable to anyone else but myself and that also is ok. I had a dream for the last 2 years of replacing a existing fixture in my dining area and was able to full fill it the last couple weeks ago as I shared with you in a post earlier... It took patience and understanding that I most likely wouldn't be able to have just the one I dreamed of but I am so very happy with what I was able to find and have....
Last evening I watched and listened to President Obama as is words stayed in my mind and heart... speaking at the memorial service of the sad event in Arizona that has been in our news for several days now. His words can be healing if each and everyone of us can allow them in our hearts and minds. Here in blogland, I find those words to be true as we share thoughts of everyday happenings and kind comments with one another even though many of us live a less dramatic life than others may... Each day when I arise I know I will be spending a large part of my day with all of you as I read, write, and post... This is also full filling a dream of a peaceful and enjoyable life.. Dreams can be very small but cause a great amount of contentment and happiness.
As I sip my coffee and peer out the picture window of my home I view a lovely winter scene... Very large snowflakes are ever so gently making their way to the already snow blanketed ground.. It is so lovely !! Finding beauty in details creates a dreamy sort of romance... Allowing yourself the time to be aware of little details that surround us can create a life we all dream of. It may be a simple but mighty way of full filling the imagination of what we call dreams.. Finding beauty in people, places and objects makes a lovely place for us to be. Life can be extremely spectacular if we all take some time... Enjoy your day.... It's a blessing.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just A Touch Of

Our area is blanketed in snow as many other parts are also... The snowplows have done there jobs and roads are fairy good and schools are in session today... Tom is outside plowing our driveways and cleaning sidewalk and decks... He will have a good work out today... I am doing laundry as we expect the well drillers to come and hook up our new well maybe tomorrow... May be without water for several hours and may have to run for hours to clear the well up... Right now it looks real good...Health officials will come in a few days and check it to make sure all is well. When Tom went for a permit to drill a well he found the permit was almost 400.00... We were in shock... The well story and success to be continued....
I created a couple small items to share with you... I had a old book cover in my stash that I used the back for another project and thought I would create with this one... I found a smaller very old photo and the cover and started.. I loved the old book cover and the lettering and details so I used it as was and added the old photo.... a couple different pieces of laces and a piece of stained muslin tie that someone had wrapped something in and I placed in stash for recycle. A addition of a chain tassel from a old earring and a piece of old earring front was added for embellishment... So simple... About half an hour project but it did turn out sweet.... The little heart and scraps of lace were cut from song book pages and hung from my mica snowman that I had left out to enjoy longer from Christmas.. The snowman ... snowballs ... and vintage rhinestone mica covered tree fits in perfect with today's snow covered wonderland we have in our area.... Oh what fun it is to create from stash at no cost... I need to find more inspiration and keep using the stuff I have laying around waiting to be re purposed.... Hope you all are warm and safe in your homes and enjoying the good life... Blessings...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Romance .. A Embellishment...

The fore casted snow has arrived ... It is white everywhere as the snow makes it way from the skies to the ground... The forecast is for up to a half a foot but we will have to wait and see what is to come, as the snowplows have started on the long day of work and trying to keep roadways clear... We had planned on attending a Tinora Basketball game { a couple miles down the road} this evening but at this stage I wonder of it will not be postponed to keep all safe.. We will see, but it does definitely appear to be a shut in day... Sometime for elegant,timeless, and a personal style... You do have to pay attention to how you want to live.. You do need to stay tidy and organized most especially if you have a passion for allot of things to surround you as I do. Surrounding ourselves with things we love makes for a happy home . Everything ,however should have a place and as we enter our homes we should make sure they reach their place, not randomly setting down leaving the appearance of things out of place everywhere... This will take away appeal of our homes. Entering the weeks before Valentines Day and days of shut in feelings.. I have desires to add some romantic touches to enjoy and surround myself in. Romance is a simple thing. Having a lovely space to sit down and dream... Our imagination can make everything lovely and we all can certainly enjoy that... Romance to me is embellishment... Adding all sorts of special touches to objects just as when we dress we add jewelry to our clothing... Embellishments come in all forms and can be used in our everyday lives, relationships and home... All seems very special when a home is peaceful and cozy and dazzling with a touch of glam... I believe today I feel the need to add some embellishment to my life... How are you feeling? PS. As I am about to click the post button.. I can tell you the snow has began to slow travel on the road in front of our home and will be increasing driving difficulty very soon at this rate... Stay safe all...

Monday, January 10, 2011

To Town We Go

Tom and I will travel to Defiance in a hour or so to purchase some groceries... Our forecast here in Ohio is for snow to set in tomorrow and mother Hubbard's cupboard is in need of restocking some items.... I have my list and I've checked it twice.... I had a pot roast... carrots and potatoes for our dinner last evening and I made it into vegetable soup with the addition of corn.. green beans... tomatoes...peas... rice.. and barley and seasoning.... We are about to partake of this for lunch and venture off... It is very cold here also... It was a pretty quiet weekend and I didn't create anything so I do not have much to share... Saturday night was a very nice time and we had delicious food... I had a Breaded deep fried chicken breast with raspberry pecan sauce on top... rice pilaf... noodles Alfredo and a salad with the best of the best poppy seed dressing and homemade bread... It was wonderful...I am going to go on line and see if I can find a recipe similar to this dressing... It had some form of horseradish in it if through mustard maybe.... Luscious... We Tom said soup is on.... Will post tomorrow when our snow is suppose to be flying... Have a wonderful day... pic from Isn't it too cute.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Our day is bright white and very cold... as my thoughts are still seeking out uplifting inspiration and adjusting to the beginning of a New Year... The wishes for all of us is our guest, friends, and family as they enter our homes feel allot of warmth. We want one room to be as inviting as the next... Beautiful prism lamps are always the first to catch my eyes. I also find myself drawn to very unusual window treatments... not connected to drapes,curtains and valances... The use of these means really doesn't take too much to underline your style... Imagination oozes inviting the unexpected that make for charming displays... Don't be discouraged if your first try isn't exactly the way you would like.. change and move things around... Practice makes perfect in anything we may encounter.. Cozy details found around a home when using old or vintage usually takes us to another era. Thinking this is appealing to us cause we all enjoy being taken to another place. It is a pleasant way of spending a few hours. Oh, love the use of garments of old on display... Lovely textiles and clothing adds a lovely way to start a day. The ambiance of the unexpected can be quite stunning. At this time period I am content it seems to settle for sparkle and winter. In another month I will want to reconnect with nature and seek out the use of vines... greenery, and nests adding a touch of spring and rebirth.. for accenting.. My desire for grain sacks and burlap at this time is most likely be more appealing the the gentlemen... but I find you can very easily tuck in those girly things and it has a great look... even though they are extremely different. Grain sacks are lovely with lace.... I have received a couple comments from ladies that say they like the girly but the hubbies don't appreciate it... A little secret... just start tucking a few things here and there and then add a few more and a few more over a period of time... get the idea? When viewing my Jeanne d Ark Books and some blogs I have noticed a large use of old photos and reprints and the making of altered art and tags .... which is very creative and fits in lovely. The budget friendly use of old paper and pages... ribbons and cords... laces...buttons..junk jewelry.. ect... are just the right price... Hum I seem to be getting inspired just writing of the use of the vintage stuff. Hum... I see a place I could tuck a piece right now... I'm off. Have a lovely day..
This late afternoon we are on our way with friends to meet up with other friends in Ft. Wayne to dine as I stated on a earlier post... I best make sure I have one a heavy coat and scarf cause baby it's cold outside....

Friday, January 7, 2011

Your Own Style

The key to make your home your own style is stick with what you love and have passion for.. Not being influenced by what someone else may like. I have seen many items and colors and patterns mixed together and you must really be very talented to make this work to satisfaction. I prefer to stay simple in the same color tones and mix my objects. When hunting for a certain item it may take some time and you may have to display patience. Don't settle for another item if you really have your heart set on one object, unless it is just out of your budget... When using vintage or old ... they usually marry quite well together.. I still love la creme as My favorite color... You can accent with so many things when staying in this comfort color.. Adding romance is a condition of the mind.. Adding or doing simple little pleasure you enjoy and love viewing is the easiest way of achieving. I am slowly getting my home back to it's day to day state and getting my vignettes little spaces straightened around... As you can view I have used many aged book pages to tuck in for color and texture and no cost... I left the little old book cover ice skate out to enjoy further through the winter season... These little skates I created really turned out sweet and I will pack them away with care and reuse next year as the winter season comes to a end... We have had snow the past couple days and that lends a feeling we are more apt to stay at home for longer periods of time... These are the hour I seem to want to add something special. I tend to go to the kitchen and bake so I can have the aroma in the house...adding a warm and soothing feeling. Not good on the waistline however...oh I didn't make the lose weight resolution... Well I am off to view some blogs and hopefully find inspiration.... Sending you wishes for a lovely afternoon...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Merci for taking time to come and visit and leave kind words.. I love hearing from each one of you....
I am always looking for budget friendly inspiration and magical things to share. There is not one thing better than finding and sharing something that speaks to you and make your heart beat somewhat faster.
As of late I look to search or create French inspired treasures... Touches here and there seem to add just a romantic appeal. I also enjoy vintage papers... I love the aging and textures and find most very budget friendly for collecting...
Burlap and grain sacks seems to have sparked a passion once again... I used them 30 years ago in a different manner when I had more primitives not the vintage I have a love now. They are all in my eyes full of character. The one thing we need to remember.. Lovely items need not have to cost a fortune... Rusty, timeworn objects can look absolutely fabulous when married with a bit of glam. Lovely fabrics can add __Ooh La La__ when introduced with the burlap and grain sacks.. The marriage is perfect even thought they have nothing in common. I am on the search for just the right touches to add to spaces that holiday has been removed from... I have rearranged a few vignettes and given them a fresh look... Old photos, postcard, bottles, buttons, jewelry, and trinkets are just a few of my passions for tucking and altered art creations... These all create sweet decorations and eye candy. As I search and seek I will be sharing as many of you do also.. I am looking forward to a New Year of making new friends and finding many new lovely blogs..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Objects On Display

Several of the blogs I have visited have decided to leave some of the holiday objects on display still creating a winter wonderland. I also will leave some snow pine and mica snowman and snowballs, ice branches out through Valentine's Day. Last evening I tucked some new objects in a couple of my glass cloches that had been stripped of Christmas... One has been replaced with a sweet old photo of a lovely little girl.. old indent glass pink ornaments and buttons and rhinestones tucked on mica snow... the other has a very old valentine and a few vintage objects... of pearls and lace... Have a desire to find new inspiration... Later on this afternoon I will be going to the rec. room to create a couple birthday cards for 2 of Tom's grandson's who's birthday are coming soon... I would love to achieve a simple posh with my timeworn existing treasures.. Rhinestones and crystals add the posh to most of my vignettes which are all in need of a redo, as they have been stripped of Christmas and appear rather undone... They need TLC... As we continue to count off days of winter, I want to find dramatic ways to do simple things I love in my day to day life. Writing, decorating, reading and creating brings a calmness from within for my personal peace... Bliss is sometimes dreaming. I love existing places that enchant me, and indulging in simple pleasures.....
"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting" Ralph Waldo Emerson