Monday, May 18, 2009

Wecome To Tea

The Tea is taking place on one of the back decks overlooking the pool.

This lovely antique white cotton dress is perfect for tea and hangs in the hallway .....

Please come and be seated ....and ENJOY... Let me pour you tea. One lump or two?

Let the conversation begin and the enjoyment of tea be heavenly.....


A lovely cup and saucer... and a charming sugar and creamer I married together....

A china teapot for serving you....


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Language of Flowers

The Language Of Flowers.............

ROSES.... pink ..... Perfect happiness..secret love... grace and sweetness..

ROSES... white... Innocence...purity...humaility....secrecy...silence..


TRUMPET VINE.... Separation



LAVENDER.....Love and devotion

IVY... Wedded

HYDRANGEA....Thank You for understanding

GERANIUM....True Friend

FERN... Magic.... fascination....confidence

CLEMATIS... Artifice... ingenuity

BABY BREATH..... Innocence

Thought it would be interesting to share the language of flowers you will view in my gardens while sharing tea there.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Language Of A Fan

Victorian Fans......Do you know the language of the Victorian Fan ???

The fan placed near the heart??? "YOU HAVE MY HEART."

The fan half opened pressed to the lips?? "YOU MAY KISS ME."

Hand clasped together holding a open fan?? " FORGIVE ME."

Hiding eyes behind a open fan??? "I LOVE YOU."

Shutting a fully open fan slowly??? " I PROMISE TO MARRY YOU."

Drawing a fan across the eyes?? " I AM SORRY."

Touching the finger to the tip of the fan?? " I WISH TO SPEAK WITH YOU."

Letting the fan rest on the right cheek??? "YES."

Letting the fan rest on the left cheek???? " NO."

Opening and closing the fan several times??? " YOU ARE CRUEL."

Fanning slowly??? " I AM MARRIED"

Fanning Quickly ??? " I AM ENGAGED "

Opening a fan wide ????? "WAIT FOR ME."

Twirling the fan in the left hand ?? " WE ARE BEING WATCHED."

Twirling the fan in the right hand ??? " I LOVE ANOTHER."

Presenting the fan shut???? " DO YOU LOVE ME ?"

Wow and we now a days think we needed a cell phone.... The communication was already there......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome to my Duchess Garden Party Tea.... Hosting a Tea Party is a very old idea that seems new again... It has a feeling that is wonderful way to entertain.... Afternoon Tea was invented by the Duchess of Bedford in the mid 1800's. To tide herself over she ask to be served small sandwiches and cakes with her tea and a new fashion was born.

Our Tea today will be in my country cottage home nestled about 9 miles from the old historical town...Defiance, Ohio.... for many years known as Fort Defiance.. If you wish you may take a moment and enjoy the tea setting greeting you on my front porch... Then Please come on in.... We will make our way to the charming garden area on the deck over-looking the pool ...where we will be serving tea today. The temperature is perfection... warm and inviting... I do so want you to experience a small sampling of a tea fit for a duchess. Come let me serve you and make your time here a special and pleasant one. It seems to be the perfect location for just about any occasion when spent alone or in the company of friends...

Would you care for a linen napkin for your lap???

Secrets of Romance will be shared... Secret language of flowers and of Fans, all used to communicate from the heart.... Victorian Style, of course....

Oh I see you have chosen a lovely hat to wear.....When have you last share a tea party with someone you cared about? Oh, I hear the kettle whistling, meaning a prelude to a lovely conversation....

Come I have a fragile but resilient teacup special for you... In other terms porcelain is fragile but remarkably durable ... Like US Like LIFE. Humans are beautiful and breakable like china cups.... Two cups will warm two hearts. A important lesson we learn in life is to always take care of the things we love.....

The ritual... Isn't it interesting what conversation may arise with a up of tea. Be prepared... a guest may linger for some time....

Lux and Glam

I find it truly amazing how I personally love LUX and GLAM and CHIPPY and RUSTY all rolled into one. My loves have changed so drastically through the years... For instance... the look of tarnished silver pieces... years past I would have spent hours to polish them to a brilliant shine and now I wouldn't think of touching them... in fact I am disappointed if they have too much of a shine to them. If a lovely plate had a chip I would have disposed of it but now I would display it proudly and admire it's endurance...... I think for many now-a-days ... we are loving objects that are timeless... The GLAM of these objects are a CHIC MIX.... it is so easy to achieve this look and appeal... A small sample would be a lovely vintage celery or serving dish used in a bath area as a soap dish.... We spend allot of time in these spaces, why not place beautiful things in there... another hint... there should never be a room in your home that you do not use. Make it a room you would love instead... "STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART" { Gosh I love that movie} and make it yours... Treat yourself to something special... You be dazzled and not disappointed.. Forget footprints of the past and open a new doorway to objects awaiting to be discovered....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Evening Arriving

Oh my gosh the day has gotten away from me... The evening is arriving and it is time for the nightly ritual of filling the tub with oils and very warm water and just relaxing with a magazine .. Earlier today I added my name to a list that will be hosting a blog Tea Party on June 6th ... I was writting down some of the post for that event and thinking of how I would like it to be. I will give all my friends all a personal invitation alittle later this month. This will be the first blogging event I have placed myself into and I would like to make it very special for you....
The sun did shine most of the day today with a chill in the air. Tomorrow and the next few days have rain and cool in the forecast.... Any one living in my area are yearning for some warmer weather and planting.... I do have my flowers planted but they are peaking at me asking " why did you do this to us?" Last night we did get some frost and I didn't cover them up.... Most were up by the house and I think they didn't get hurt anymore than the weather has already acomplished....
Since I haven't thought of a special post for today I will say good night for now.... Have a lovely evening...... Enjoy.... I baked vanilla cupcakes this afternoon while I was baking a ham for our supper so I think after that refreshing bath soak I will be having a hot chocolate topped with whip cream and a cupcake for a late evening snack.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Coats and Bonnets

Glad these young ones have their coats and bonnets on.... they are going to need them tonight in our area according to the forecast and the chill in the air already.... Our area just can't seem to get calmed down with a forecast of possible frost ....and oodles more rain this week's forecast... I have ladies golf league tonight and will have to button up I I am sure not going to look as cute as the sweet little ones in this vintage picture......

Antique Textiles

I finishing the gentle care of the lace tablecloth that was in one of my boxes from the sale and changed the cloth I previously had on my table... We wake up to our belongings and I like to envelope myself in linens with a timeless appeal and style... The little glass plates are the luncheon plates that were also in one box along with the white silk lilacs...Surrounding your morning with objects you love is like pouring nourishment into your soul... and adding some romance...Many times with coffee or tea in hand I have quietly sat and reflected how my life is blessed by my surroundings... The love of items like monogrammed linens being used to make your servings somewhat more lovely are all little things that speak to us... and become our favorite things... If you find yourself not finding enrichment in the precious little things .... please take time and search out smaller things in life....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rag Ball Treatment

Back to using the imagination and trying to use objects I have stored here. Last night while trying to sleep I came up with this idea to make rag ball fringe. I thought it may look cute with the feed sacks I washed yesterday that my friend Judy had told me to take ..... I wanted something real easy care so I just tied the bottom feed sack onto the grate of the chair..This way if it happens to get wet I can hang it back to dry. All my deck furniture is grated so I can make fringe on several pieces if I want... I have a few big rag balls as you see in the pic... I just cannot have real elegant outdoor furniture as we are in the open country and the wind and elements takes a terrible tole... This is perfect with NO COST but I think it has a personality......I'm headed back outside for more rag ball fringe......The area I am working in the sun is shinning on the deck but it is chilly but just wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun.... To be continued.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Box of Goodies

I have featured some pictures of several of the items that was in my box and also some of the linens Judy stacked on till it was overflowing.... The lace tablecloth can also be used for a bed cover it is that large.... The silver teapot and sugar and creamer I am going to display on a small table on my front porch... It will look cute there...... Some of the linens I will use and some really small ones I will craft and scrap with. I need to go through my items now and decide if I want to have a garage sale and try to just keep the objects I really love... I do have too many things and need to downsize... I just am a collector... I have down sized before and because I love stuff I tend to have it back again.... I did so well all winter... and I it really looks like I went wild but it was purchased by the box full or I lost likely would not have purchased some objects.... What I decide not to use will be someone Else's gain....