Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, It Must Be Raindrops.....

Oh, it must be raindrops falling on my head... Another day of all days rains... I sure hope it brings the May flowers.

This morning I had my Echo at the doctors office... Will know the results in about a week she said.

I went to the rec. room and worked on a birthday card and some more scrap pages to keep myself content today.... My I do so want to be outside... It has been several days since we have a a nice day... It becomes hard to have good days without the sunshine and a walk outside....

I hunted for a book for ribbon work at our craft store but wasn't successful and it turned out ok. I did find a couple sites that have illustrations for ribbon work. I did try a small amount of it on a couple scrap pages this afternoon... They are still drying and I will share later... I wanted to share with you one of the sites incase you would be interested in trying it.... I just sewed on the scrapbook papers like it was material .... to be continued ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MARIE Scrapping Pages

Late yesterday afternoon after completing a couple more birthday cards by scrapping with personal messages I thought I would try to make a couple scrapping pages with a few of the MARIE items that arrived in the package from Heather.. I had such a good time with these.... The pages are larger in length, more journal size... I want to make 3 or 4 more and ribbon them together for a little "Marie" booklet... Have a space to tuck it in mind when completed... It will be in a small luggage piece that I also display a special purse I had purchased from Heather last year..... To be continued......

Brown Bag Scrapping Folders

I have loved creating a couple brown bags scrapping folders to hold a gift of money and to be used for important dates or papers... This weekend we have a grandchilds first communion in Indiana.... The second group of photos shown are for the first communion....
The first two photo are for a wedding we will be attending in Columbus The very end of next month...
I have only shown you a couple pages of each one .....
I enjoy making these instead of just placing money in a purchased card... I love writting and placing a special message from the heart in each one... One more way of re-purpose and creating... Sorry HALLMARK.

Scrappy Pages

I wanted to share with you some of the scrapping pages I have been working on the past week... All my scrapping pages are completed with vintage and time past in mind.... I love using OLD book pages... I have used a few of the papers that I received from Heather's give-a-way in the next few posts of scrapping.... These two pages I made one for myself as you can see I have hung it on my bobbin light... The other one I am going to mail to my girl friend.... I haven't been able to spend any time with her for a few months and thought she needed a treat.... Her home is all in white furniture decor with the pink roses in every room. Just lovely...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What a lovely sharing of time.... I do believe they are having the richness of a soothing cup of chocolat...... Oh yum........

Reclaiming Objects.....

Last evening I embellished a old cabinet card with a pair of earrings I purchased last week I showed on a earlier post and some millinery off a old hat I had purchased a couple years ago... The inspiration came from the photo I had posted I had purchased in Florida from Susie Holt at Cat's Meow and from Heather on Pretty Petals.....I have several old cabinet cards I want to work with. Just some more items I have stashed here and not worked with. It is really a good things to start looking through your home with the economy falling and make use of all those items we purchased and stashed... If you are a decorator or a artist.. I am positive we are all "Guilty" without a trial... I love all the one of a kind pieces you can have in your home ...This also helps us keep our collections fresh and in turn I think it keeps us fresher and happier... The key now is ... if you don't love it ...lose it... Personally I still love things ..pretty and frilly... for adding romance to my home.... Small gatherings like these can be made to please....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dessert By Candlelight

I know it is rhubarb time for many in the North. I made a rhubarb pie last week and was hunting for gourmet recipes from Bed and Breakfast Inns that recipes are tried and true.... I found this recipe from....SQUIRES MANOR.. A lovely Bed and Breakfast in Iowa.... It sounds like a wonderful recipe that would be lovely by candlelight as the evening turns to dusk...

5 slices of white bread cut into little chunks
4 cups rhubard.. diced small
5 eggs beaten
1 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup half and half
1/4 cup butter or oleo{ melted}
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Place bread and rhubarb into a greased or sprayed 9"x9" glass pan.... Blend other ingredients very well and pour over the bread and rhubarb mixture... Place this pan inside another larger pan filled with water 1" on the rhubarb mixture pan. Bake 45 to 60 minutes. About half way through the baking stir the mixture from inside to the outside to make the baking even.


1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons of butter
1 1/2 teasoons lemon juice
sprinkle of nutmeg
1 cup of water

mix sugar and cornstarch... Add water gradually stirring contantly... boil 5 minutes. add other ingredients and stir... serve over rhubarb bake....

THIS RECIPE HAS A WONDERFUL VICTORIAN ELEGANCE.... By candlelight or by sunlight I am sure this recipe was meant to please rhubarb lovers......

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maid Off Duty

It is a gorgeous morning in our area today... I have just finished with my coffee and lazing around in my jammies yet.... I have decided to put all the work chores away for today and lay in the sun... and work on a couple fun things like reading or scrapping some tags ect.... I do have supper planned.. Beef roast and noodles... mashed potatoes and a veggie... hopefully served on the deck tonight..... Today I just want to return to a simpler time... sipping on a cold beverage for just the pleasure in a lovely romantic atmosphere of what I want to be the outdoor space today.... Today is mine.. Tom is over to the golf course already doing what he loves so this maid is declaring OFF DUTY today ... Hope you all can have some moments to yourself and do a special little something.... Enjoy..... PS. I stopped in to visit this morning and oh my is she dreaming of something wonderful... You need to stop by and view her dream of a swing... You would just never leave....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bobbin Light

I attended the Open House at The Red Barn this morning... I did purchase this bobbin lamp.. It is a large bobbin and the silicone bulb is for the regular size light socket. I did pay 20.00 for it but still did not think I could buy the bobbin.... the light fixture itself and the bulb I know to be about 4.00.... I added some lace and ribbons and a rhinestone earring to it to make it my own... it will be used for a night light ... I use several romantic soft shade bulbs in the evening for relaxing.... I also purchased some home-made noodles.... and I talked her into a old book for scrapbook pages.... I need to stay home now and go back to going through stored items and re- purpose them.... Have a wonderful weekend everyone.... Many blessings.

Friday, April 24, 2009

China Fountain

The bubbling of my china water fountain is now up and running as of a few minutes ago... I love the sweet soft sound of water when we are sitting and eating or enjoying a beverage on this deck.... This is the deck right off the kitchen that is the one we use the most... It is so private and we enjoy every minute of it. The wind chimes are sounding from every direction... A wind chimes can be made very easily... I just tied a couple old silver knives under the little mesh like patio table about a inch apart and they are making ever so peaceful little sound... Old spoons tied at different angles work well. These can be made by tying onto a old silver fork... So simple. Well off to see what else I can repurpose I have laying or packed somewhere.... Enjoy your day... to be continued...

Bygone Era Windchime

What a lovely day. I have been working on restringing my wind chimes... This seems to be a project every year as living in the country they receive allot of wind and chime almost all the time.... I have the one one the deck done and it is with the door hardware and keys etc. I am sure you have all seen those... I was wanting to share the one I just completed for inside for my kitchen window... I have lovely old hand made set of white pillow cases and a lovely old dresser scarf across my picture window over my sink area... and off course it looks out over the pool and back yard and further views to the surrounds fields and woods. I had a small little like $ 1.00 wind chime I think I received as a gift at a party or something I never used... I remembered I had the little chimes and thought what could I do to re-purpose some objects with the romance and glitz and luscious glamour of a bygone era... I think it takes a special eye to see vision in certain objects... And off course if I would sleep while laying in bed instead of thinking what I can use to achieve this it probably would be better ... but I did see this old ...old purse I had purchased for $ 1.00 from a lady whom is over 100. I purchased several things from her at the time and she kinda threw this old purse in for a buck... I thought of this purse and thought it may give me the luxury but still the coziness of a charming nest... This morning I went to the back room to get it and started making the chime... As you can see I did add one of the buckles and a key I purchased from the antique store the day before in one of my earlier post this week. It took me less than 15 minutes to have this one of a kind little wind chimes to add to my kitchen window.... I have a wind chime for less than $2.00 and it has the right charm I love... I may even add a little pair of pink gloves off to the side and embellish it a touch more....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Small Gathering

Yesterday after my doctors appointment I stopped by a antique store that has changed locations recently in Defiance. I went in knowing I would only purchase a couple low ticket items for scrapping with or a redo... I did find a couple items I can work with... The perfume bottle will get embellished... the buckles and keys will be used in scrapping and the sweet little girl feeding her dolly I will clean up and just display... The glass on the little girl picture is not damaged as it shows on the pic... It is so hard to take a photo of a mirror or anything with glass. Sorry I just haven't mastered it as of yet....
The sun is shinning and our warm trend is coming the next couple days in the 80's... Oh my, I am so ready. I would be working in the yard but I do have a meeting on more planning of my 50 th class reunion in a couple hours so it will break my day up... Tomorrow is the plan in the yard bathing in the sun.... I am sure it will bring out the bathing suit to try and maintain what tan I have left from Florida but the suit will only be in the back yard behind the privacy fence....
Hope you all have a lovely day....

Package From Heather

MERCI.... I just received my package from Heather containing the give-a-way items I was so fortunate to win on her stunning- charming blog. Each and every piece I am going to have to decide just how I want to use them.... Thank you Heather.. I just so very pleased with everything..... If you haven't visited Heathers blog ... of which I find it hard you haven't found it yet... you will love stopping in and viewing and reading her blog and enjoy her personal tastes and talent in her work..... Thanks again Heather and I look forward to every post.... Blessings

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ready For Lilacs

Oh how I am yearning for the blossoms and lilacs. Our area is suppose to get somewhat nicer weather tomorrow.... I am so wanting to be able to be outside some... Today I went to the doctor .... I don't know what it is but everytime I go my blood pressure goes sky high... I didn't get any more medication added but I didn't get any taken away either... OK.. I'll accept that... I go in next week on Thursday Morning for another test... A ECHO. They take a picture of my heart to see if the damages has improved.... We will see how that test comes out. I am looking forward to being able to spend a very lovely summer if the Lord has that in his plans.... I have to feel confident that he does and enjoy every day... day by day. moment by moment.... We all must do that.... So many times we forget ... and need to remind ourselves to stop and enjoy ...Especially the very small precious ones.....

Another Tea Party Favorite

Another favorite of mine is Cream Puffs....For Tea parties I ususally make them smaller but for family larger.....
Cream Puffs **
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
4 eggs... reserve 2 egg yolks for pudding
sprinkle of salt
Bring water and butter to boil in saucepan. Add flour alrop by teaspoonl at once... Add eggs one at a time beating constantly. Drop by teaspoon the desired size onto greased baking sheet... 450 degrees for 10 minutes and the 300 degrees for 25 minutes....
Vanilla Pudding ****
3/4 up sugar
1/4 cup corstarch
2 cups milk
2 eggs yolks plus your reserved egg yolks
2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tables butter
Combine sugar and cornstarch and salt... Mix very well... add milk in saucepan and cook on medium heat { I make double boiler by adding larger pan of water under so does not scorch} stir constantly... set aside... In bowl beat eggs and butter ... Stir into other mixture in small amount and return to cook for one minte or so.... Chill and fill... Sprinkle with powdered sugar for serving...
MEMO> for making butterscotch pudding.... substitute 1 1/2 cup brown sugar in place of white sugar used in vanilla pudding and following same recipe.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pineapple Nut Tea Sandwiches

As I further dream of my "Summer Tea" I posted earlier this week I searched for my recipe for the pineapple-nut sandwiches....When thinking of fancy sandwiches you just know your time spent will be quality time of great pleasure. Maybe it is the allure of a fairy like setting with quality china and fancy linens and of course personal preference... allot of bangles and dangles.... Even if you only have a few minutes for baking ... the whole setting is so charming.... taking time to enhance moments and memories.... the whole scene is just irresistible.....

2 cups crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup white sugar
1 cup chopped nuts{ of your choice.. pecans or walnuts}
1- 8 oz. package cream cheese
tablespoon or so of milk or mayo

In a saucepan combine pineapple and sugar .. Bring to a boil.. Cook till thick. stirring constantly.. Stir in nuts... Softened cream cheese and mix cheese wth enough mayo or milk for nice consistency. Combine with pineapple mixture... Mix well. Spread on thinly sliced bread... Cut into smaller squares... Recipe is from... KINGS INN @ Georgetown.. B&B>
Speciality recipe....

What About The Guys?

I have been viewing many of my magazines and many blogs and noticing almost all I really love is a very "GIRLY" home... My style is vintage,romantic, shabby, antique, cottage... with a twist of Victorian... Luckily Tom is pretty easy going about what surrounds him... but thinking of it I may have pushed the button with having vintage hats.. perfume bottles.. Victorian beaded purses.... and many other objects of interest in the living and dining space.... I really must keep in mind that he needs also to be comfortable here... I so love pink roses and love the homes that have them in every room but I also know I can use them ... but must try to keep it subdued... Just love the look of whites and pinks but it is just not guy thing... I do like using lattes and aged tea stained looking colors ... Believe it make it not so "girly" for the guys... Thank goodness the poor man does have a area downstairs where he doesn't have to cross his legs ad have tea all the time..He can pop a beer or have a drink and have some pop corn that doesn't always hit the mouth... With summer coming ..I hope..I hope... I hope.. we have a outdoor decks and yards very comfy for guys also. I believe in most cases the woman decorates to her liking but I have seen several cases some ladies do not have that. This would be a slight .. big ..problem for me coming from a designing background... I feel the need for something somewhat different. Certainly this doesn't work for all. With vision and passion... a inspiring object is made from something old. I personally love it when I can add charm and personality from CHEAP.. It is wonderful to find a castaway... BUT I must remember to keep it to the point that I personally don't become the CASTAWAY..... as I am not the only one dwelling here......

Monday, April 20, 2009


Picture this... a re- purpose.... The above first two photos are of a old clunky wood shabby distressed wood mantle clock I re- purposed and placed a photo into... I am going to look for a couple old alarm clocks... not working as I have a couple antique photos I want to frame... I would like them to be in the old clocks.... The brown clock has not been keeping good time and I placed a battery in it a couple minutes ago and if it is not the battery it is also going to have a new life.... The brown clock is not old.... It was damaged and I bought it for a couple bucks at hobby lobby a few years ago.... As I have posted several times lately I am really not putting any money out at this time period for my junking habits but still searching the house for little things stored I may be able to re -purpose..... I honestly believe if you look at something and thing of a different use for it you can make your home fresh.....It may be a bit of a challenge but oh how great for the budget.....why not create some fun for yourself today and go on a treasure hunt..... IN YOUR OWN HOME.......Another great trick is to move things around allot.... because as we know new placement always makes something feel new..... don't be afraid of re- purpose with some paint and some vintage jewelry... I am always trying to place a piece of jewelry on some object.... At my house it's like look out... don't set there too long or you will be embellished.....Don't be afraid to pick up a old clock... it is truly is a great way to display a old photo.....all the little extra thoughts make for a cozy retreat.....