Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been spending many of my early and later evening hours in the peaceful surroundings of reading... Enjoying to the fullest several book by Nicholas Sparks... who has become my favorite author. I just finished "The Lucky One" having read "Dear John" and now half way throught "The Choice". I recently found several of his books on ebay... 7 infact, in a book lot, for just a few dollars, and they arrived today... Gee, I'm set for a week... Was so very pleased and thinking the way I have been reading I am going to need about 50 to get me through the cold and snowy days of winter... Hopefully the TV programs will be ones I haven't viewed before... so I can mix things up a bit.... I like sharing books especially paper backs with others whom enjoy reading... Always nice to recieve a couple in return... I had a friend who said she likes Catherine Coulter so I purchased a couple of hers at the thrift store the other day... I don't think I was prepared for such explicit writings... Whooooo.... My mother would have had it banned from our home.... I kinda felt like she was looking over my shoulder{ in angel form} while I continued to read it..... I did enjoy reading it however once I had my mind set this was most different from what I am use to setting my eyes on...
In a story... At night when the sunshine goes away... and it's too dark to work or enjoy the outside... I come indoors and look for a comfy , peaceful place... and enjoy the words that tranport me to a different place... They may lead me to other lands and areas, bring me to by gone days or bring me to tomorrows ways... good beginnings, good or sad endings... can all take place by opening the pages and loosing your thoughts... Althought this book is words printed on paper pages,it can become a very special friend...

Take time and enjoy a book today.....

The Flavor Of Fall Musings

As I arise this morning the flavor of fall is upon me. 46 degrees, a chilly, dewy morning with cars and school buses making sounds traveling up and down our country road.. This is the first day back to school for Northeastern Local Schools { Tinora}... Tom is off to the golf course with our youngest grandson right behind him.... We have him {Lance} Tom's daughters youngest for the day as he won't start school until tomorrow morning.... Soon we will be enjoying the bites of harvest apples... bountiful orchards will allow us to enjoy many recipes and just plain luscious tastes of our favorite apple recipes and who can forget the apple butter placed upon hot bread and butter... I indulged in fresh peaches purchased at a area farm home this weekend... Oh my gosh... they were so juicy... a napkin was required from keep from juice covering my chin... I will be off alittle later to see if I may be lucky enough to find they still have some left to sell. In my garden , acorn squash awaits my picking and cutting in half and scooping out the seeds from the cavity and filling with brown sugar and butter and baking for a couple hours and ahhh yes the enjoying the taste of fall harvest... Last night I did fry slices of zucchini squash but my favorite still remains the acorn. Even though it does mean summer has come to it's ending stages... I still enjoy the fall time of the year... Last evening, a book in hand by Nicholas Sparks... I was about to climb into the bath and read and peering out my large bath area window in to the back field a mother deer and a fawn were indulging in our soy bean field... The sitting sun was cast upon them and made them appear a bright golden red... What a lovely peaceful sitting as they strolled and fed from the field. As we fast approach our Labor Day national holiday that has been celebrated since 1894... I know it will soon be time for the changing of the autumn colors... Across America, Labor Day is still time for picnics, BBQ's, and hay rides... Allot of people will be attending the Fulton-County Fair in our area with it's many activities and fall displays of harvest. For you all whom live in the larger cities... it would be a peaceful experience to travel to the rural area and celebrate the harvest times with dried corn stalks, hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins and harvest apples... Viewing the farm equipment in action... there is not a thing quite like it to a child ... hearing the putt... putt... of a giant iron workhorse gathering harvest and working the land... Nothing like the sound of bouncing wagons being pulled off to the fields to collect the grains. As I sit this morning and write these fall musings I peer out my window well aware that all these blessings and wonderful sights will soon be surrounding my little home in the country... What a wonderful gift.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Happens In Heaven

I dreamed that I went to Heaven and a angel was there to show me around. We walked inside, side-by-side to a very large room filled with angels... My angel guide stopped in front and said "THIS IS THE RECEIVING STATION"... here all petitions to God said in prayers are received. I looked around this area and it was so terribly busy, with angels sorting out petitions written on voluminous paper sheets and scraps from people all over the world...
Then we moved on down a corridor until we reached the second section.
The angel said to me, "THIS IS THE PACKAGE AND DELIVERY SECTION". Here the graces and blessings the people asked for are processed and delivered to the living people whom ask for them... I noticed again how very very busy the angels were since so many blessings had been requested and were being packaged for earth.
Finally at the furthest end of the corridor we stopped at the door of a very small station... To my surprise, only one angel was seated there idly doing nothing... "THIS IS THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SECTION" my angel friend quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed. " How is it that the is no work going on here?" I asked. " So sad" the angel sighed.. "After people receive the blessings they ask for, very few send back acknowledgements"." How does one acknowledge God's blessings" I said. " Simple" the angel answered. Just say " Thank you, Lord" " What blessings should be acknowledged" I asked.
" If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in a wallet or change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy. And if you are reading this on your computer, you are part of 1% in the world who has that opportunity... If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the people that won't survive this day. If you have never experienced the fear of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or pains of starvation, you are ahead of 700 million people in the world... If you attend church without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are envied by and blessed more than 3 billion people in the world. If your parents are still alive and still married, you are rare... If you can hold your head up and smile you are not norm.... You are unique to all those in doubt and despair."

If you are reading this on my blog you have just received a double blessing... Someone was thinking of you and wanted to share... and you are so very blessed over the 2 billion people in the world whom cannot read at all."

"ATTENTION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DEPARTMENT" " Thank you Lord for giving me the means to share this message with so many people... I do so thank you for all I am able to have and enjoy in life and especially for my family and my friends...."

Fall For Romance...

I love living in the past, present and future.... Surrounded by antiques, vintage, and modern day technologies. We have just about every item for our personal wants and needs... We can have our cottages become our palaces. It is all about your finding passion and putting it in your home. Details and accent objects can make a statement and take your little cottage home from sweet to stupendous. So many just may add a simple arrangement to a table... Not this lady... I like different heights, sizes and textures... majestic pairings of objects... Creams, whites and silvers are beautiful elements together. For you fall season coming upon us ... do not limit yourself to just pumpkins... Bring the best of the season's elements to your vignettes... As the weather climbs into colder temps consider warmer touches... Crisp air is filling the skies as I write. I can feel the shortening of outdoor events starting to happen. It will soon be time for sitting around a fire and layered clothing. I just love a home that burst with vintage glamour... thanks to collector keen eyes and love of romantic objects. I also love the fact that I am surrounded with rich agriculture and a rural appeal... We are nested on a well traveled country road making our winter commute easier... When attending functions we are always surrounded by the comfort of a friendly atmosphere... I always like to think of if a stranger does come for a function or a visit that they depart as one. Hospitality is comfort is a big cup. It truly is hard to ignore the homey feeling of a charming home contained with the past, present, and future.....

Friday, August 28, 2009


I have mentioned a couple post ago that we have a friend that is very ill. It has once again made me take inventory on my life. My last few posts seem to be direct and somewhat on the serious side.... These facts in life are some of our biggest mountains to climb and must be faced. I have not dwelled on this since my heart attack since the first of the year but it has entered my mind and in my emotions more than normal. When someone close to you is facing dying it is hard to make yourself let go of the future. Instead of denying... you open your heart and mind to the possibility of a rich way of living... my thought is why do we wait till we are almost forced into something to be able to see it, and live life everyday like it is our last. When faced with these questions new thoughts, feelings and actions will emerge.The unknown invites you to question and search for meaning in your the past and the present. Responses when faced with illness can be many feelings, anger, loss, grief, denial, and of course hope, and can be in any combination. Now personally I realize how we all react differently... I am not in shock, as our friend has been fighting for some years... I haven't cried... but have teared up... I am not refusing... I am wondering how to respond however. I do so want to be able to provide spiritual and emotional comfort, and do not want to abandon in any way cause it is easier than facing what is taking place. All these emotions re-enforces my thoughts that we need to find a true meaning in our lies... We have to also keep in mind we cannot control allot of things that will happen.but when we can we need to step-up and do so... Keeping ourselves in a peaceful state instead of letting anxiety take over our power is so very important. Surrounding our self with water, earth, sunset, a walk, and yes a prayer can be our best friend during these times and it should be on a daily basis. We can allow our self to relax and feel peace. I believe I have written this post to mainly help myself deal and understand... and it does consciously help me let go of emotions building inside.. Often for me , sitting in quiet and writing seems to be a release... I personally do know nothing is gained by the time we spend worrying, certainly not sleep... I am very sure many of you have the same feelings....This all is a final lesson we learn through life.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surprise Visit

I just had published my morning post,still in my jammies ... I had a surprise visitor ..... my daughter came and spent a couple hours.... she was up and around and drove from Edon and I still had a cup of coffee in my hand... My,how life has changed for me from being in the fast lane all the time... My daughter, Starla had to be out to Northwest Tech. for her classes at 11:00... She brought some of her books in and shared what her assignments will be... She is a very busy girl... She will be a RN. Her clinics will start in a couple weeks and she will be a few weeks at a nursing home and at Mercy Hospital in Defiance ... She will have quite a commute for quite a while... It did take her some time to decide what she wanted to do with her life... She is in her late 30's. I know she is working hard with working a job ... going to school... managing a marriage... and finding time for chores and studies... The reward will come soon and she can start to see the light at the end now... making it easier to keep on going.... We don't see each other too much but the time is always nice spent with your child, no matter what age they become.

Private Hours Of Our Lives

Makings the things we do everyday as beautiful and pleasurable as we can is a true way to live a happier life. Yet so many don't do this, instead they scowl and rant about what they don't have and so concerned about what other's do have. Yesterday I post on how happy I am at home. Home happiness is a result of ambition and a place where labor ends. When taking care of our needs, lovingly it becomes life enhancing, making us able to do more with the rest of our time... instead of rushing through our lives to get some where. You will not be able to appreciate what we have until we can improve and reinforce good habits for living. Rituals of life. Taking time for the ritual of bathing in a delicious bathing gel with a good book is one of my favorite times of the day. I love having morning coffee for the first hour ... When I was going off to work every morning I still would allow this time by getting u a hour earlier... I believe you have to organize life to allow yourself this and not always blame it on circumstances. Dining should also be a important and relaxing and sharing time ... This can be a special time of sharing and connecting with other family member ..... I think it is important to sit as a family... not one in front of the TV ... Maybe a suggestion for this time is one family member or {possible two} preparing food and the other does the dishes and cleanup for the evening... this allowing a extra hour to both parties....It is still the nourishing time our bodies requires.. Why not make it a desired hour of your life... I know Tom and I especially do our best to make this a pleasant time.... You do have to organize however, especially when you are raising a family... I found I would many times try to stay head of the meals... When I would plan on spending a couple hours in the kitchen I may prepare a couple meals ahead such as a kettle of soup on cooking while I was preparing another meal or baking during the time I already was in the kitchen... I know from personal experience you will be much happier if you have some thought and organization and personal time for enjoyment in your life. Much of life is in the details, the larger issues have a way of working themselves out. If we look at the big picture all the time, things can sometimes look grim... The outside world can seem troublesome, sometime dangerous, and for sure uncertain. This is another reason I feel our homes become our personal space of refuge. By controlling the private hours of our lives, a sense of well being can be gained by simplifying and unifying.Our daily and lifetime rituals can tell us who you are... they can keep our spirits up.. Your personality becomes your thumbprint. We think about beauty and pay attention to details and enjoy them because it enriches our life.... Think about the reasonable things you enjoy in life and make time to add them into our everyday routines.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Choice Of A Simplier Time

Now that families are raised and retirement is a part of our lives Tom and I are making choices of the times God allows us to be on this earth. { Did you notice the photo? This was actually taken and viewed by many ... God does have you in his Hands}We are definitely making choices of a much simpler pace of life... As many of our friends have second homes in Florida and Arizona and lake cottages and homes we have chosen to just not do this. I have posted before on being such a home person. I really and honestly do not want or have a need for two homes... I find myself feeling very fortunate to have one home I can have shelter from the elements... Oh so many do not even have this and I have so much compassion for these people.I believe this may be the reason I find it so important to have things around me I love... It is inspiring, gratifying and yes even fun... caring for a home and having it to shelter you ... Doing things for yourself, cooking a delicious meal does not seem like a chore to me... I find enjoyment in it. Discontentment to me is going out for a meal and it wasn't very tasty and we have a hugh bill to pay, and this does happen quite often for us ....We could have stayed home and had it for a quarter of the price... I guess I have a abundance of care and love for what I call the "Good Life".. To some it would probably be a challenge... but to me it is simple, filled with one of a kind gems that most likely were destined for the trash, but with my wants and needs not being so extreme, I enjoy charm and personality.
We have a friend who is very, very ill, and I am thinking about it and maybe have a couple low thoughts and evaluating a few things in my life.... and sorting out what are really the important parts...Not wanting to feel regrets, I just find myself very happy with the choices to not have so many needs or wants.... I do believe so many wants can bring ourselves much unhappiness... I certainly wouldn't enjoy waking up to that sort of feeling every morning..... This morning I am very very content to have my coffee in front of me and sit in front of my computer and do a post and share my feelings... No desire to run off to town or feeling a need I have to have something... once again enforcing the fact I am very content in my simple life and the choices we are making and I do feel ever so blessed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Changing Your Look

I recently purchased this tray from ebay to be adding to my home... I had purchased this tray before my trip to Toledo, but When I went to the thrift store that Barb took me to I found that one that I just love for a couple dollars and knew I could always use them both with the fall and Christmas season soon to be arriving... I love tarnished silver accents for Christmas and have several objects to use so.... two was good.... I think this one is very lovely also.... As the seasons change, do you also think of making some changes? I am not talking the fall season will soon be upon us and you set a couple pumpkins here and there. I am talking changing fabrics, such as tablecloths, pillows, towels, china and other changes to make your home appeal for the season. Turning the table... storing pastel colors silks and adding foliage's and leaves... Of course there is nothing like sitting down to a candlelit table and area sparkling with candles and crystal. My personal use of candles will increase greatly in the next few weeks and months... If you haven,t given it much thought, you may want to think about a way to a a dash of drama to your home... I also know allot of us are trying to keep our budgets in check... This is why vintage and used loved items work out so very wonderful for me.... with the decision I like change ... or for those who can a spectacular makeover is always a treat. Just small changes however can create a romantic effort. Your treasures can add the charm you may desire and it is always a pleasure to share with friends and family when they arrive... Give your up-coming season change some thought and of course share your changes with your blogging friends. We love to see what your up too.

Monday, August 24, 2009


As I sit and indulge in the surroundings of my home this morning with a cup of coffee in hand I can feel the chill as nature is starting to set it's stage for a fall mood. The morning is very dewy with the sun making it's appearance unlike yesterday. Yesterday was very dark and grey clouds all the day. We did travel to Coldwater Lake in Michigan to visit our friends at their cottage there, the Hornish's. They took us on a sight seeing tour around the lake and surrounding areas. We shared conversation, games of cards and food. I had gotten up in the morning yesterday and baked a fresh lemon pie...cut up a watermelon....fresh tomatoes... and we purchased some sweet corn from a road side produce stand as Our sweet corn is done in our garden for this season. Harold provided sirloin patties on the grill so we were quite full and content on our trip home, as we had enjoyed our day.
As the stage for fall is beginning outdoors, it seems I will be knocking cobwebs down the rest of the season as they seem to be artfully set everywhere on doorways, porches and bushes, setting a eerie setting. I do so enjoy the fall of the year however. Soon pumpkins will be making their appearance... I usually start placing outside fall decorations the first week in September. Our neighbors across the road from our home are silent, only a occasional bark from the dog who was left behind while the family went camping all week at the Defiance County Fair... The children have fair projects but next week I will hear and see the hussel and bussel of school buses and cars going every direction as the school scene begins. Life is just ever changing... Remembering back to younger years, we were already dreaming up who's house we were going to soap the windows, but now they help the economy and rush to the grocery stores to purchase toilet paper by the cartons to adorn the houses. Well, I must go pour my second cup of coffee and ready myself for some daily chores as I enjoy my day God has given and prepare for the changes to pick up into fall's rich color palette of amber,rust,copper, and gold to enhance the season's displays. Soon will be the pumpkins, hydrangeas, crab apples, rose hips, feathery grasses and bittersweet... Last but not least ... all the blessings..... Be thankful....

"Study Nature... Love Nature... Stay Close To Nature.. It Will Never Fail You" .. Frank Lloyd Wright

Friday, August 21, 2009

Toledo Thrift Store

I went to a off the beaten path thrift store while in Toledo Thursday and found a few objects I can work with to display.... This store was so packed that you have to climb and crawl to get to a few things but if you want a bargain.... hummm... I found this handled pretty silver tray all tarnished with just the right patina... little glass cloche.... vintage little coin purse.... Rachel Ashwell tassel.... Towel or post card holder.... and a silver heart letter weight.... Oh, I so love the hunt when stopping in a store of this kind.... I look at objects and think ...what can I do with this or how can I use this in a different way... It's what a junker loves to do... This little junking trip was a grand total cost of $22.00 for everything...... Keeps me happy with the little changes and new objects to look at and tuck in to make my vignettes look somewhat different.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Love Of Shabby Chic

Yesterday was my road trip to Toledo to see a old friend of many years, Barb... I had to take a picture of Sammie looking up at me as I was going around with my camera taking these pictures... He wouldn't let me alone and kept looking up at me like.." Hey lady, what's with the camera, I thought you came to see me!"
The pictures are several places in Barb's home. Her whole home is whites and pinks and creams...and pink roses as you can see. Now that you have viewed this charming little cottage style home, can you believe it is a 1970 double wide mobile home ?? It was all dark and dingy when she purchased it for less than a used car and has made a comfy place for herself and the two men in her life Sammie and Ollie.... I hope I get down for Christmas so I can share pics with you. She has the most beautiful Christmas decorations all in pinks and creams and has a flair for making it beautiful... She has a porch all decorated and also a outdoor place under her carport living area in a tropical setting with a bar area.... We shared some time and conversation... We did go to a little thrift shop she frequents and I bought a couple objects I will share with you.... That may not happen for a couple days as tomorrow we will be at Auglaize Country Club playing a mixed couple golf outing all day with a pork roast after and Sunday we are going to the lake to visit with the Hornish's.... I may be MIA for a couple days with blogging.... Have a wonderful weekend all. In our area we are suppose to experience a cool down. The days are only suppose to be in the low seventies. That will be nice for the golf however....