Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Would like to wish all my friends and family a very blessed and successful New Years.... Our plans are to go to the movie ..Marley and Me in the afternoon... Stop at the Elks after the movie.... Share a drink and come home about 6:30 and fry us T-bone steaks and see if we can stay awake to see the ball come down in New York City on TV.... we are expecting some snow tomorrow but have had a couple days break from our nasty weather....Be safe everyone... See you in the New Year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Special Thought

As I await New Years I have hundreds of thoughts running through my mind just like a movie reel... This time of year seems to make my mind wonder what is in store for us .... I want to make myself look forward to the coming year but it is alittle more fearful this year with the aging process... so many friends and family dealing with personal issues... loss of jobs and security.... I feel I have to get myself on a higher level .... I look at all my Christmas decorations that aren't going to store themselves and wonder how I manange to always want to put myself through all the decorating the follow year.... Yikes... I must have the after Christmas blues... Are any of you having the same thoughts ?????
I am going to work on some Valentine images this afternoon through the next couple days.... Will share when I get some things completed.... Hope you all have a great next couple days and I am going to go sit myself in the corner and give myself a attitude adjustment......

Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking Forward

My service was down for several days for the internet so didn't get to send the wishes I would have liked to ... Hope all shared a nice time with family and friends and some will still be sharing throughout the weekend... Tom's family gathering is tomorrow so we will include ourself in that.... Then we can look forward to the new year.... and try to ready ourselves for what lies ahead.... I know there will be challenges but I pray for blessings to be scattered in...... Enjoy your weekend all.... I will leave the decorations standing through New Years Day but the the days of packing lies ahead.... Hummmm guess I will just enjoy then for a couple more days....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Peaceful Evening To All

The Heart Of Christmas


I wanted to wish each and and everyone a very lovely peaceful and blessed Merry Christmas.... remember to reach out and touch someone.....

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Hope You Get What You Want For.....

I just wanted to say to all " I Hope You Get What You Want For Christmas.."

A Small Girls Winter Dream

Let it snow...Let it snow...Let it snow...


I am going to be humming this tonight and tomorrow with this lovely picture in mind and a prayer in my heart. Another freezing rain forecast for tomorrow... Oh let it snow.. let it snow ..let it snow.......


Hello.... I have been without the wireless to connect and we have survived the ice storm and the wind...but not without power loss and giving some things up... Guess it wouldn't be as bad if we weren't set up to live in the modern world... but when everything we have depends on power it can be crippling.... We were lucky... alot of people haven't had power in days... The crews who work so very hard to try to keep us all happy have to be very tired.... We are suppose to have another ice storm coming... I hope we don't but seems we are on the path.... This spring there will be major clean up as the trees have endured quite alot and have shed alot of brances and sticks of which are all frozen solid in the ground... I don't like the look but outside picking up the big limbs it will just wait till spring... I am sure there is much more to come.... Hope all of you who have had the bad weather came through it as well as we did.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad but Beautiful

I am sharing yet another photo of the last 3 days... The beauty is aluring but the reality somewhat nerving... The trees are under alot of stress and we are not suppose to get out of 18 to 20 degrees with another snow and strong winds in the forcast.... We doing well at this point but know it could get worse... At this point Tom and I do plan on attending the Moser Christmas party tonight that is held at the park pavilion in Archbold cause of the family being a large family of 10 children....I am expecting a very small gathering tonight however..... Right now ... "Bessie"{my trailblazer} feels confident she can flip her switch and go in auto with no problem as long as the other person coming down the road doesn't get out of hand..... Hum... what makes people want to leave the comforts of their homes anyway??????

Friday, December 19, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

Thought I would share with you a snap of the same back yard as yesterday... What a difference a day makes... We are still getting some rain but I hope it will end soon as I don't know how much more weight the power lines and trees can handle..... The wind is not blowing at this point which is a great help. Needless to saw I won't be venturing out today... what I use to consider fun just seems to be too challenging and dangerous these days... Oh maybe it is wisdom.... Not too push the issues.... I hope everyone in the area is doing well and fairing the storm as well as we are at this moment... Be careful all and stay in if you possibly can......

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quiet Moments

I have been reading allot of post and filling my eyes full of all the eye candy decorations on other blogs... I have been trying to enjoy the fact I can take quiet moments now from my not so busy life now and just enjoy.... All the many years of working in floral retail and demands and long extented hours for so many years.... Now I can enjoy a evening meal filled with delicious dishes and not race around...to try to complete everything to have a moment to myself... Hey there has to be something good about this old body aging process..... we all know it is never going to be perfect and if you are striving to reach that you are going to be disappointed... To each and every one no matter what stage of life you are in just try to enjoy the moments... That is what we are doing......Enjoying a steaming mug of hot cocoa with whip creme on a frosty winter night.... since " chocolate is the evidence that God delights in our pleasure."

Oh Dear... the forecast is not good...

I just snapped this photo out my back door patio and as you can see we are not swimming... The diving board has a different look... If you really look back to the woods you can see Toms truck... He just went to the woods with the chainsaw in hand... Said he wanted to get out abit before our weather takes a change... We also went to the grocery store for goodies to eat and some items I needed for making my dish for the Moser Christmas Party this Saturday.... We went to Meijers and it was quite busy... the one lady said it is a double whammy day as Christmas and always the threat of a nasty storm always brings people out to stock up... They are forecasting out area to be hit with snow and freezing rain... I can handle the snow but the freezing rain... not good.... I am tucked in our nice warm house for now feeling very safe...for now.... Last evening I had a couple friends over for a couple hours and really enjoyed their company... Sharing... Doesn't the holiday season really seem to make that very..very special..... Hope you can all find time to share with family and friends...

Old Books

I think the folding of pages in is a great way to display a old book... Course it fit right at home with all the aged book pages I used in my Christmas decorating.... The cinnamon tag is just another look at a way to gift a pair of earrings....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Postings

I am so enjoying all the Christmas Parties hosted by a number of bloggers... I am so off to Heather to enjoy more of her long list of bloggers sharing their yummy Christmas with us.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Want to have some fun??? You have to do this.... Tons of giggles ..at elf yourself

Tom and I got one doing the Charleston... Too Cute... You can email them to family and friends on the site....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tell me it's not true

Oh my gosh..... Look what happened to Tom and I over the weekend... And we thought we were just suffering from colds!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Fluffy In XXX Sugar

The cookies are on the cake plate and under the glass dome ready for nibbling tommorrow... Course Tom and I each had to see if they were good enough for serving....

Pecan Cresents

I thought while my cookies are in the oven baking I would snap a pic of my recipe card and share the recipe with you... My mother always made these in the shape of crescents and I to follow on family tradition do so also. Allot of people call these Mexican Wedding Cookies... and shape them in balls... This recipe has been baked year after year in my family... I served a batch I also made last week to my guests and they were all yummy in their tummies.....
The cookies are baking and will await being rolled softly in powdered sugar so I will post a finished product picture in about a hour.... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM....

Little Touches for Guests Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am having 2 friends over for a home tour and a couple treats and conversation... I just found my antique tarnished silver spoons and added them to the little tree I have in a large punch bowl ..lighted with christmas white lights and tucked with old aged book pages.... I also have a little setting for refreshments... I used sheets of song sheets for placemats... Made cinnamon tag with a flapper girl and tucked in the images ear a pair of stud earrings for a little take home favor.... I think you can view by clicking on picture.... I am off to bake my favorite Christmas cookies for tomorrow...... Later.... ps. I will be serving hot chocolate ozzing with whipped creme in the glass goblets .... thanks to a blogger friends wonderful post earlier this month....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Fashion Winter Pleasure

How Similiar The Look

Oh my gosh I was just reading a couple news posts....Rowann
has a post with a couple pair of vintage shoes... Go visit her blog if you haven't already... I posted a couple pics of my own shoes I have displayed for the holidays... I was suprised how much the look was alike... Her lady had embellished with laces and trims where I have choosen to leave my in their natural state... My victorian shoes are canvas and rather tattered but I love them just the same.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remembering Childhood Wishes

Searching through my pictures I found this wonderful old pic of a child and her beautiful loved doll. I do remember one year getting a beautiful doll similar to this one.... I loved her for years...It must have been a more prosperous year for dad and mom cause it is the only large new gift I can really really remember....
Ps. I have been visiting blogs and for some neat Stuff visit Nancy

Putzing Around Day

Oh... the dusting of pretty white has turned into sog... It has been pouring all day in Defiance... Guess the Northern Michigan state and on west are getting blizzard like snow... Hummmm... It is a good day to putz around.... I added a few decorations with no cost except about a yard and a half of ribbon and a old cameo earring hiding in my stash of old jewelry.... I wrapped some presents with pattern tissue..... A garland made with old aged paper book pages and when pulling out the pattern tissue This old piece of cardboard had aged and some one had beautifully handwritten a crochet pattern on it... I fancied it up with some crinkle and lace ribbon and a old cameo earring.... That was fun and I could afford it..... I love no cost decorating.....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tied A Ribbon

A ribbon has been tied on another Christmas party shared by golfer couples.... Needless to say a gathering of friends to share some Christmas cheer and friendship is a wonderful experience... Course there were some side effects like I had 2 pop during the evening and caffeine and me... not a good thing... We cleaned up a a quarter past midnight{seems like they must have thought it was New Years Eve and all stayed for the kiss} and I went to bed with no success of sleep. Finally up taking a hot bath to relax the muscles and mind and got some rest starting about 3:00 to 6:00.... I have my mind and heart set on watching a Hallmark movie at 9:00 this evening.....HUmmm will she or won't she make it through.... It has been snowing here most of the day... It is a Christmastime winter scene outside.....I am going to go look at some of my other favorite blogs as I see it appears many other new lovely decorating for Christmas posts have been added... I wonder if all of you are enjoying all the Christmas posting as much as I have been.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Party Time

Only a small post today as I have a few little odd jobs in the kitchen area to finish for tonight's gathering here... Well guess what little ole fox was up t 5:30 this morning ..wide eyed and bushy tailed... ready to go... well this ole foxes wide eyes and tail is starting to drag... I am going to slice some cheeses and think get alittle lunch... take a bath... and a short nap..... I always have been the lady that when I had a obligation I am first there and last to give in ... but with age my gitty-up...gotty up and went.... That's the down side to retirement age.... but let me tell you there are some good things tooooooo...... I have my counter set up for all the snacks with greens and pink rose antique dishes all with their little notes on the dishes what to serve where when getting food ready to place on plates... I always found that to be so helpful.... You aren't scurrying around looking for the right dish when company is arriving.... Wishing you all a great evening...... Enjoy.....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tonight Is Mine

I will be preparing our supper shortly and washing dishes and tidying up the kitchen and then the night is mine... TOM AND I cleaned house today... I cleaned the upstairs and he cleaned the recreation room.... we are making ready for our party of several couples we golf and chum with... I always question why we take such great pains to make sure everything is perfect and then within a hour everything is topsy-turby and you clean the next day again.... Hummmm... Anyway... tonight is mine... I will retire to the bath area and carry on with my affair with my bath filled with warm scented bath and a magazine.... Then I will find my way to the lazy boy chair and hopefully find a touching Christmas movie to view on TV..... Tomorrow night will be a different story as I intent to have my change a jingling just like sleigh bells....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wonderful Peppermint Treat

I just dropped in on Nancy and shared her pepperment treat.. What a lovely presentation and special serving in wine glasses... HUMMMM... Please stop by and visit her lovely blog and share a lovely sip.... I have been visiting so many beautiful blogs and oh the lovely decorating.... Wow... there are some extra special talented gals out here in th blog world..... I can't seem to get enough of everyones special belongings they bring out to share for the holidays.....

Sweet Little Image

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bird's Nest Myth

Another old German myth... being.. if you find a bird's nest in your Christmas Tree, you will have a year of luck and happiness. This was also another item that I had sold many of over the past years of floral industry and crafting. Finding some wonderful small birds and a nest and lovely berries and vines again with a small tag telling of the myth of luck and happiness. If you need a small gift for a friend ... this is ideal ... just make sure you use the finest of berries and soft ribbons and a sweet bird and oh my don't forget the snow and mica and glitter...... ps. The vintage bird post card is sweet also......

Comforts Of Home

As our lives travel on toward the Christmas holiday... comforts of home are the very best.... the safe feeling a blessed and peaceful home provides... aromas from our kitchens.... Lovely hand-written cards arriving in our mail... wonderful decorations sparkling in our rooms for our friends ...family and ourselves to feast our eyes on... Remembering the beautiful scene in a manger and how we are truly blessed... These are true gifts that are the one that remain in my thoughts and forever in my heart... Blessed are the small treats.. made and given with love... NOT the large gifts purchased with plastic and creating hardships. Just a simple act of kindness... how wonderful.... I have found all this and more in my blogging while enjoying my safe surroundings of my place I call home.... How SERENE......

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning To Look Like ..........

Oh....ho ho ho.... As I await the arrival of more family for a second round of Thanksgiving holiday I peer out and it has started to snow within the last 10 minutes. I took a couple snaps to share with you and it has came down quite a bit more... The flakes are gently making there way to the ground... It is very pretty... I especially love it when it is fresh and glissens like diamonds... It is just magicial.... Tom's son and his family should be arriving soon to spend a few hours before heading back home to Indianapolis.... I was up at 6:00 baking peanut butter cookies... I am all in with the Thanksgiving feast so they are being offered a big ole kettle home-made chili .... scoops and salsa.... Grilled coby-jack cheese sandwiches on buttermilk bread or rye... fresh fruit..... and Paula Deens pecan pie.... The one pic of the pine cones I snapped when out front on the porch are a hugh bowl of pine cones I brought home with me from Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago.... These cones are larger than the ones that are falling in our back yard and are minus the sap that is on ours... The cones with the sap are beautiful when dried but creates very stuck together fingers before that process..The other photo shows Tom's daughters house view as they live across the country road from us... I am sure they will come visit us today also and see family... More children will be having glee. I am sure I will be ready for a Christmas Hallmark movie this evening.... I do so love the Christmas movies... Makes your heart all warm and mushy.... Have a great day all......

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kissing Ball

I hung a simple kissing ball with crinkle ribbon today... in time for a golfers party I will be hosting this coming Friday early eve.... Never too old to enjoy a little smooch... I somehow lost the mystic romance of it when I found out that mistletoe is a partial parasite... I now just hang a simple kissing ball adorned with simple ribbon... The mistletoe has been around for centuries.. It creates fun and frolic.. At Christmas time a young lady standing under the ball cannot refuse to be kissed. This kiss can mean deep romance or a lasting friendship. If a girl remains un-kissed under the mistletoe she cannot expect to marry in the next coming year....Mistletoe supposedly mystical powers have been used in many different believes...even as being a sacred plant......Have you hung your kissing ball yet??????