Monday, April 4, 2011

Sharing Musings

Another rainy-grey morning with a promise of warming and sunshine by the weekend.. I wanted to share a site I found that has full instructions for the sweet rag summer wreath pictured above... The summer rag wreath may be found under tutorials at the top of her page... I am also sure you may find other interesting posts there... I find the wreath to be very budget friendly and a great way to use up vintage sheets and other fabrics we have laying in stash.... As we await the arrival of spring like weather in our area... my thoughts have a desire for simpler but charming ways of adding spice to my home... Although we love a organized home a little key to coziness is not to make it too perfect... A home needs to feel lived in and loved by it's owners and show some of their personality. Someone who loves to decorate never is finished with it... We are always placing objects, moving them around to different locations and taking them away and tucking in different... Yesterday afternoon was spent with my granddaughter and brought me great joy.. She just is the light of my life... We all enjoyed a lovely meal and peach pie alamode a couple hours after dinner... Olivia partaking of 2 custard cups full of ice cream ans saying " This is really, really good" as she drank the melted ice cream, was just a delight... What a blessing.....


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Thanks for the tutorial info on the rag wreath! It's very cute! I spent the last 10 days with 3 of my grandchildren, one at a time though. Had some good times with all of them! Sounds like your peach pie alamode was a hit!~Hugs, Patti

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Marietta!
At last my computer is letting me comment! I have actually been able to visit a time or two to your blog lately, but could not comment! This dial-up connection has just about got me beat! It is so fickle ~ picking and choosing whom I may visit and comment! Sheesh!
I think the rag wreath is a perfect way to use up some of those remnants of favorite fabrics! Thank you for posting the link.
I am looking forward to visiting with my two granddaughters next weekend, also! They truly are a blessing, aren't they?!

Tracy said...

You know, I've come to a realization...I DO NOT like to decorate. I like to change my furniture for a new added touch but the older I get, and the busier I am, I am really okay with the status quo of how things are...not that I'll always be but for now in my life, my house is good.
I love the wreath!

Southern Bears said...

I have always wanted to make a rag wreath, thank you for sharing!

Pat xx

EVA AGNES said...

Hallo again Marietta,
there are a lot more of the Paris photos since I finally fouind out how to make them bigger.
I saw that you have been there but if you have time ......:-)
Love Eva Agnes

shirley said...

Your blog is simply divine Madame!! I could sit and listen to the birdsong all day!