Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Yule Log

For years I always embellished a log with greens, berries, cones , and a bow and a note and would sit it beside my wood burner to have a Christmas Eve ritual... Although I have a gas fireplace now I thought it would be lovely to make one this year and Tom and I could take it outside and burn it and maybe toast a marshmallow or two... The yule log has been celebrated in many ways in different countries... When I had my floral shop I made many yule logs with fresh greens and berries and always a lovely note... " To be burnt on Christmas Eve, burning all evils due to personal faults, mistakes of others, and bad choices... This allowing us peaceful thoughts for a blessed New Year." Others loved the idea and many yule logs were sold in my shop.... as a wonderful tradition and a lovely decoration...

STEAL THIS IDEA..... Why not start a new-old tradition if you don't already enjoy this... and decorate a yule log for your home and family this year?????

You can make it the start of a lovely tradition even if you have never done it before... Sings carols and tell stories , offer food and beverages as you are burning your new ritual that has the offering of a clean slate and blessing thoughts of a New Year....


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, although we don't have a fireplace in which to burn a yule log I still love the symbolism. I might attempt to make one this year. You always have the best ideas!
We always burn bayberry candles on New Year's Eve, supposed to bring about good luck for the new year.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful idea!! Maybe we will try it!
Love your post.....

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love it! What a wonderful idea!



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Marietta!
I stumbled on your blog sweetie and what a blessing this has been. I love the yule log idea, I live in Phoenix, and there are a lot of no-burn days however, I am going to make on and put it on the fireplace hearth, if for nothing more than a conversation piece. I so love this idea.

I also love the traditions post you wrote. My husband and our three children moved to Phoenix from Oklahoma almost 26 years ago. I found with no family here, that I had to make traditions for my family to continue Christmas in a wonderful fashion in my children's hearts. I read about so many lovely traditions, I finally chose a few and ran with it. Every year I add another new one. I find it so much fun and the kids just absolutely love it. They never know what expect from me.

I scrolled through so many of your lovely posts, and what a wonderful blog. I have signed up to Follow your blog. I would love for stop over and say hello. I would be honored to have you sign up to follow my blog as well.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful November day. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

Shopgirl said...

Your Yule log is beautiful, and certainly food for thought since I do have a wood burning stove.
Yours is so lovely, I would hate to burn it.
I love these holidays too.
I am finding myself a little behind this year.
Hugs, Mary