Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grain Sack Bliss

Okay, so gratefully bearing warm baked chocolate chip cookies I went to my X's home to snag yet one more grain sack...Seems fair enough right?It was just a little bribe... I believe I got the best end of the deal however..
As I promised a couple hours of my Saturday morning was spent placing a grain sack on my vintage highly used foot stool... This foot stool is very old and very used... It is just the right height for the chair I sit in most of the time.... I have thought of getting another of better quality but you know I always change my mind and continue to use this one... Actually... it was as easy to cover as baking those cookies .... the old feet come off and it is the staple gun and that's it... I remember I was a grain sack junkie many years ago also.. I startled out with burlap bags as curtains in my kitchen in my first home... I was decorating with country and prims those days but not the cut little pine cut outs... Real antique prims ... crocks ... and country kitchen stuff. Seems that love is coming around again as all things in life seem to.... I am also going to try to add a curtain to my utility room being it is a small window... I really don't mind if it looks old ... I am not sure I will even bother with a curtain rod.... All the better the appeal... I noticed some of us are moving away from the modern materials and toward vintage and hand-made... The simple appeal and comfort also confides in times of hardship... Seems the new once again decorating material may be vintage grain sacks.... The rough texture and warm palette seems to give furniture and rooms just the right amount of shabby... The grain sacks I so much desire are the french ones that may run upwards to 300.00 a piece... but you all know by now my budget and me and that's not going to happen... so my saying "Thank you" one's are working out just fine.... One's with calligraphy on can even be higher in price those I do love them... Is it possible grain anything is becoming the new incarnation of shabby Chic? Seems to me to be looking that way.
Tip... Because grain sacks are already seamed and if you are not a seamstress you could throw a pillow together real easy... It can be as simple as tied on the end or flip upward and make a flap and tied shut... A small use of the imagination and grain sacks uses are endless.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

That is such a beautiful stool! I love the idea of using the grain sack!


Farm Field Primitives said...

I love how that turned out. Great seeing you again...and your books.

Laurie said...

I am loving your footstool!
I think you may be right about the move toward more homey grain sack material in shabby chic. Colors seem to be more muted instead of the once all white look. I think it wears much better.

Save me some cookies!

P.S. My husband says he doesn't care if I paint everything white (while he bites his knuckles) but truly I think he is happier with it the way it is. Sometimes too much white can be very feminine and while some men don't seem to mind, some do ~

The Tin Rabbit said...

Cute!!!! And gosh those cookies look yummy! Have a Great Week~ xo

The Victorian Parlor said...

It looks great!!! Grain sacks have so much charm:).