Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello.. I am going to take time off today... and take a needed break from sorting and cleaning.... My body seems to be in rebellion today... We are expecting storms today... I don't know if the storms[ My body is a weather forecaster] or just fatigue has set in... Maybe both those twins... I seem to have a strong desire for some changes in the home and outside... My eyes have viewed many things of loveliness on others blogs and my desire for all these lovely spaces and garden areas have set in... This isn't going to work as my budget isn't in line with the thoughts... Somehow ... it always seem to lead to the budget...
Yesterday late afternoon Tom and I ran into town... I went to the drugstore to get my meds filled.[ talk about a budget breaker] We stopped by Menard's and we purchased some new solar lights for around our pool when it opens next month... I so enjoy the solar lights at night in the front garden space along my side walk as you enter in the front of our home... Many choices are available in the lights... I think they are a welcoming to visitors entering your home in the evening hours... As I sit and write this post... you know the words... " And heaven and nature sing" my daylight has dimmed tremendously and I think the heavens are about to open and sing with hugh showers.....
I find myself in a rather different mood today... I fell a strong need to take some quiet time, reflective time.. maybe to re-enforce... not trying any grand performances.... Rather like save the cook by taking her out to dine... When these emotions begin to cause discontentment I need to take relaxed time and focus on blessings on a daily basis and to welcome family and friends... and enjoy all that accompanies it...hum... I just did that Sunday for Easter and that could be another reason for the tired state.... My heartstrings were also tugged on hard this morning as I read words posted by Rene Life has hit hard... If you have a moment please stop by and send her a couple lovely words.. Rene is one of my favorite places to visit as my heart aches when others are in pain... Yes.. this is really a day for reflecting on our lives....


Myrna said...

I hear ya on the the "moods" stuff, Marietta..I'm glad you're listening to your body (and your mind) and taking care of yourself.
And my prayers go out to Miss Gracie's does put things in perspective doesn't it?

Hope you have a restful time.
..."He causes me to lie in green pastures...He restores my soul..."
I pray that for YOU!

The Victorian Parlor said...

I have those moods sometimes too. I hope that you are feeling more rested:).