Thursday, September 24, 2009

Special Beauty

Every season has it's special beauty.... Peering once again this morning from my picture window I see the trees starting their turn from a deep green to many varieties of golds, yellows, oranges, and reds, to make their viewing a spectacular experience. This is God sent so please take a few extra minutes today and tomorrow and the next to reflect on it's beauty..... It is only in the first stages, so many days to come can be spent in marvel... With this beauty comes a certain ray of sadness, knowing the changing of colors means the arrival of a long cold winter is not far off. There is a beauty in the word today... Or maybe it is I am looking at it in a different way... Things have always been this way... I believe my eyes and my heart have arisen to realize the sun has always shown and the wind has always blown.... Was I too busy along the way to stop, look, and listen to the blessings offered to us everyday? Natures alarm clock beckons me to feel the gentle breeze that tickles upon my face and enjoy the fluffy like cotton ball clouds.... Enjoy the birds singing as they will soon be on their way.... Natures has awaken my senses.... under the ceiling of the sky... Flowers are taking their last breathe under the chilly nights.... and people such as I are writing words of their mind..... Thank you Lord for my many blessings that make everyday living in the four seasons , so very divine... May you also feel the gentle breezes .... wisp your face.... and take this experience as a amazing grace.... Have the best of the best fall day........

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Sandi said...

Lovely post Marietta. We HAVE to take the time to make the days count and enjoy all the little things.
I just got home from a prayer breakfast where the speaker was a wonderful young man who had lost all four of his children and his wife in a flash flood. He was the only one that survived and he has an amazing testimony of God's love and grace. He said many times, "tell everyone who is important to you every day just how much you love them because you just never know what might happen.
Happy fall!!!!!