Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letting It Sprinkle

I seem to be letting my subscriptions to magazines I once received through the mail expire. Blogging has helped me find a new method to fill my hours of reading and writing. It is rather funny how dumb thoughts sometimes jump into our minds. Although I truly love the magazines I have let my subscription to Southern Lady and Tea Time both go. I often wondered why there wasn't a book for Northern Ladies.. We girls up North here are good for a thing or too also. We know about cookin' and cleanin' and decoratin' and luxe and glam... Gee makes me want to put a pen to paper and make us Northern Ladies proud... Actually I am just adding mustard to the bologna sandwich I was serving you guys.... This is just one of the dumb thoughts I said entered a person's mind... Since my social security check isn't going to get any larger and also has been frozen for at least 2 years and my meds and health and drug supplement plans continue to raise.... I am resigning myself that there won't be appearance's of magazines at my home unless I buy one every couple months or so. My walks to the mail box won't have a treat for the day anymore. I know I am not alone in experiencing changing to a simpler life style that is already very simple. When little clouds seem like they are going to let down a shower, I must immediately turn my mind to lovely thoughts and the true blessings I do have in life. I then savor the thoughts and place my grey thoughts into perspective... I will gather with my computer friends and write , read, and discuss all things lovely, and learn more on the facts of life... It is my full intent to enjoy all that is offered to me in life. No matter how large or how small. recalling in the past I have let some wonderful opportunities slip by... With this philosophy , how can one miss I tell myself. This is not saying there aren't going to be moments that make me weak at the knees... I've learned too many times over the years to know... storms await.... I just wish to turn them into sprinkles and own a colorful umbrella.


kathy said...

Marietta , yes -- lots of great blogs to read here -- Yours is one of my faves --You do have a way with words and then add such eye candy - Have a blessed day --going by too fast here - Blessings Kathy - ga

The Victorian Parlor said...

Isn't blogland great! It is nice to be able to write, swap ideas and dreams, and look at loads of beautiful pictures just by visiting blogland:). I love your philosophy for enjoying life!



Vicki said...

Hi, Marietta,
You have a beautiful way with words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I am one of those southern girls, but guess what, I don't cook or sew, etc. My idea of cooking is a toasted cheese sandwich. I have enjoyed my visit with you today very much. I, too, get a lot of joy out of reading others thoughts and seeing their wonderful decorating ideas. I also want to say I love your vintage images, one of my very favorite things. Have a happy end of the week and weekend. Vicki

lala said...

I know just how you feel. When my husband lost his job, I let my subscriptions to TeaTime, Victoria and Romantic Homes go. Now I just take my time looking at them in the bookstore so I really don't miss them. Besides, as you said, blogland is great reading with amazing photos too!!