Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty And Comfort

Beauty and Comfort.... For me, beauty starts with things from the past. A fondness for all things vintage and antique. It is said we are not suppose to live our life in days gone by... but for those of us whom love the style, it is a treat to surround ourselves with it. In my home I enjoy the pendulum being swung back full tilt. the faded charm and lived in look. Objects that are functional as well as decorative. People are always asking what is something worth. It is worth wht you are willing to pay for it... If you have a room or area in your home that is filled with heavy, formal furniture ond it is only used once a year, consider turning it into a studio or a sitting room for reading and relaxing... Your own little space... Not a neglected room. Remember that your guests will take pleasure in this also.I see no reason to compromise as your pieces do not have to be of museum quality. Reflection is always a great way of adding drama to a room, as I have stated in past posts. Loving lucious carved wood framed mirrors with ghosting{ have one of my favs in pic} I do not hang allot of mirrors.. I lay as many as I hang... sitting objects atop of them and love the look. Aways keep my eye out for mirrors... hint... fire and mirrors are a stunning mix. My other fav of course is rhinestones and mirrors... It has a great impact on the eye. When you obtain simple things of beauty, it's a delight to wake up in the morning and ponder what objects of interest you would like to add today. It is impossible to know what you are going to come up with because you don't know what object you will be lucky enough to find.... Hint.. do make a effort to make it a object of interest that will marry with another with little thought. The most valuable lesson to be learned is never decorate your home to where it looks as though you need a sign saying KEEP OUT !


SharDon Exclusives said...

All of your words are SO true. What good is a "formal" living or dining room is you NEVER set in it? Enjoy your space no matter how big or small. My favorite space is my back porch...sharon

Sandi said...

Great post Marietta! I never want my place to become a museum where people don't feel at home. Love all your bling in your photos too!!
PS Been in that pool lately?? LOL