Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Reading more pages in my book..."Blogging For Bliss"... Oh by the way Tara...all the JUMPING FOR JOY on hitting the #1 spot was felt way up yonder here in Ohio... I thought we were having a little earth shake..... No it was just Tara.. Back to the post.... I am finding out I am like many other bloggers in trying to achieve the look I want on my blog... without having my arm and leg removed as far as the price of looking good. When in a crowd I am not a talker but I am a listener... let say I do write more than I talk... I have always thought by listening you can learn by talking you can get yourself in trouble... By writing I can reread it and think naaaa I best not say that instead of blurting it out and it's done.... I just like the first choice. I do also believe there are limits to some topics .....and if there aren't there certainly should be. I don't really care for trash talk unless it is found at a flea market or a antique shop... I do find it very satisfying if I can inspire another in anyway. I have found I enjoy reading so very much more now than I did in years past... maybe due to having more time but I really think it comes down to more understanding... reading can take us on journeys and in the center of love affairs and into decorating homes to the point we have to check to make sure we don't have paint on our hands. It can be like joining someone's circle. Reading my decorating and crafting, favorite cooking blogs can take me to some of the most gracious spaces... so warm, pretty, and filled with luscious furnishings, vintage ephemera and elegant pieces from the past filled with distressed garden pieces and inspirational stories, recipes and entertaining tips... all finding pleasure in the reading.......

But then there comes reality.... now.... In a few minutes I will be working on some fruits of the harvest of our garden. Yesterday I froze some more sweet corn, bringing the corn feasts to the ending stage... our corn has about completed it's journey for this year. I will be working on putting some green beans {picked but not cleaned} up and making a kettle of green beans, potatoes and ham again this week. I am beginning to feel like the jolly green giant. I have cherry tomatoes... like lots and lots of cherry tomatoes that came to our garden by mistake... At the nursery they were marked early girls of which Tom always purchases... but ended up growing up to be hugh, and I mean hugh cherry or grape tomatoes as they are hanging like grapes everywhere... I never have worked with them outside of salads or popping them in my mouth.. as far as trying to preserve them... I am going to experiment today and just cut them in half and make chili sauce with them... Last year I made about 10 quart size bags of chili sauce and froze it and used it all over the winter months making chili...I will see what happens... I need to get working on this as we are into the hot and stickie weather here in Ohio. Yesterday we missed the rains and would have liked to have them in our area. The heat is here and I am yearning for the brisk fall air.... I think I am starting to yearn for a small destination to look for a touch of vintage finds and some new inspiration... When the heat is on I find I tire of cooking... cleaning and washing and folding clothes every day of the week... I just get alittle crabby...Well before I get really crabby I think I need to end this post and get some of this going.... I just am not at the jumping up and down stage...... Have a good day all.


Sandi said...

Isn't that book wonderful to read through. I just couldn't put it down the first day I received mine.

Sounds like you are busy with veggies. We haven't planted a garden for years, but we do have a little produce stand up the road which is very nice for impromptu melas of veggies and fruit.

Have a beautiful day Marietta.

kathy said...

WEll girl you are up to your elbows - IN "MATERS " as we may say in the south -- LOve Love them - Can just eat them like an aple with salt , will be so thankful this winter I am sure - Kathy - ga

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

If you need a taste tester...I'm here :o)

The Victorian Parlor said...

I ordered the book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival:). I find that I was not much of a pleasure reader when I was younger but over the past 10 years I consider reading a hobby-I love to read!

When we lived in NC my hubby had a huge garden and I loved to can all of the wonderful veggies! There is nothing more satisfying than opening a jar of summer tomatoes to cook with in the cold of winter:).



SharDon Exclusives said...

You sound so blessed! We did not get to have a garden this year. My hubby always starts gardening early but this year he didn't "get around to it". We have a lovely fenced in garden full of huge weeds now. They are doing GREAT! I need to find a farmers market to find some fresh vegetables...maybe next year we will once again grow our own.