Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pot De Chambre

A chamber pot... { a thunderpot} from the french... pot de chambre is a antique and vintage piece that was welcoming and versatile. It does invoke a more carefree and innocent era. I am not so sure but it did save many a icy...snowy.. blowing trips outside in your night clothes, all of which mine were flannel. In this period of time I don't wear flannel as we keep our homes at a much warmer temperature than in my childhood...I can remember a friend of mine saying he use to take a glass of milk upstairs to bed with him and if he didn't drink it all it would be froze in the morning... yikes... our house was never that bad but he was from a large family and lived in a large old farm house I am sure without insulation or any form of heat upstairs.
The little chamber pot and lid I have featured has been with me for about 45 years and always been kept in my bedroom for display. They were a big part of life and in every home... Many of these bowl shaped containers and lid and handle were in a bedroom or a cabinet of a night stand, In Victorian times these were sometime built in a cabinet with a closible cover. In farm homes more the enamelware or granite ware were found and used. These treasures of the past when fond are used to decorate nightstands, sit on floors or in powder rooms and have become quite pricey. There are people in our day now whom have never seen a chamber pot or may not identify it, let alone use one... We do have to think of these little gems as a historical treasures... Just nothing like the old pot and it's chilly memories..... It was a thing of choice... The lovely pot or the two holer.....and to think I was a part of this history... thank God it wasn't for too many years.....Well, after all I am having a 50th Class reunion meeting this afternoon. Where have the years gone???


SharDon Exclusives said...

I display my chamber pot in my bathroom! It is a "fancy" one of china and has lovely pink roses on the side. It is covered with age cracks & a few chips but I enjoy looking at it and try to forget that we had a two holer while growing

Laurie said...

I have a beautiful chamber pot with roses ~ my kids think the whole idea is gross and can't understand why I bought it!
Have a wonderful weekend.

kathy said...

Ah a necessary thing -- and like other things they made then -has a beauty and charm - of course it was a necessary thing -- Love your collections - kathy - ga