Monday, August 31, 2009

The Flavor Of Fall Musings

As I arise this morning the flavor of fall is upon me. 46 degrees, a chilly, dewy morning with cars and school buses making sounds traveling up and down our country road.. This is the first day back to school for Northeastern Local Schools { Tinora}... Tom is off to the golf course with our youngest grandson right behind him.... We have him {Lance} Tom's daughters youngest for the day as he won't start school until tomorrow morning.... Soon we will be enjoying the bites of harvest apples... bountiful orchards will allow us to enjoy many recipes and just plain luscious tastes of our favorite apple recipes and who can forget the apple butter placed upon hot bread and butter... I indulged in fresh peaches purchased at a area farm home this weekend... Oh my gosh... they were so juicy... a napkin was required from keep from juice covering my chin... I will be off alittle later to see if I may be lucky enough to find they still have some left to sell. In my garden , acorn squash awaits my picking and cutting in half and scooping out the seeds from the cavity and filling with brown sugar and butter and baking for a couple hours and ahhh yes the enjoying the taste of fall harvest... Last night I did fry slices of zucchini squash but my favorite still remains the acorn. Even though it does mean summer has come to it's ending stages... I still enjoy the fall time of the year... Last evening, a book in hand by Nicholas Sparks... I was about to climb into the bath and read and peering out my large bath area window in to the back field a mother deer and a fawn were indulging in our soy bean field... The sitting sun was cast upon them and made them appear a bright golden red... What a lovely peaceful sitting as they strolled and fed from the field. As we fast approach our Labor Day national holiday that has been celebrated since 1894... I know it will soon be time for the changing of the autumn colors... Across America, Labor Day is still time for picnics, BBQ's, and hay rides... Allot of people will be attending the Fulton-County Fair in our area with it's many activities and fall displays of harvest. For you all whom live in the larger cities... it would be a peaceful experience to travel to the rural area and celebrate the harvest times with dried corn stalks, hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins and harvest apples... Viewing the farm equipment in action... there is not a thing quite like it to a child ... hearing the putt... putt... of a giant iron workhorse gathering harvest and working the land... Nothing like the sound of bouncing wagons being pulled off to the fields to collect the grains. As I sit this morning and write these fall musings I peer out my window well aware that all these blessings and wonderful sights will soon be surrounding my little home in the country... What a wonderful gift.....


Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
Hope this posts okay. I was typing away and it just went POOF...gone! So I will try again. lol

Love your post today. You sure have a gift with words. Fall is certainly headed our way.
Have a wonderful day!

Laurie said...

Oh I am dreaming of Autumn in this 90 degree weather. I try surround myself indoors with the smells and flavors of Autumn, until it arrives down here. Sometime in November!

Anonymous said...

What a most beautiful and inspiring post. I feel as though I have been tapped on the shoulder and said this is for you to read. I know I am not alone in thanking Him as often as I should.
Thank you Lord for reminding me of all that I am blessed with and giving me this eye opener.

Thank you Marietta.