Monday, August 24, 2009


As I sit and indulge in the surroundings of my home this morning with a cup of coffee in hand I can feel the chill as nature is starting to set it's stage for a fall mood. The morning is very dewy with the sun making it's appearance unlike yesterday. Yesterday was very dark and grey clouds all the day. We did travel to Coldwater Lake in Michigan to visit our friends at their cottage there, the Hornish's. They took us on a sight seeing tour around the lake and surrounding areas. We shared conversation, games of cards and food. I had gotten up in the morning yesterday and baked a fresh lemon pie...cut up a watermelon....fresh tomatoes... and we purchased some sweet corn from a road side produce stand as Our sweet corn is done in our garden for this season. Harold provided sirloin patties on the grill so we were quite full and content on our trip home, as we had enjoyed our day.
As the stage for fall is beginning outdoors, it seems I will be knocking cobwebs down the rest of the season as they seem to be artfully set everywhere on doorways, porches and bushes, setting a eerie setting. I do so enjoy the fall of the year however. Soon pumpkins will be making their appearance... I usually start placing outside fall decorations the first week in September. Our neighbors across the road from our home are silent, only a occasional bark from the dog who was left behind while the family went camping all week at the Defiance County Fair... The children have fair projects but next week I will hear and see the hussel and bussel of school buses and cars going every direction as the school scene begins. Life is just ever changing... Remembering back to younger years, we were already dreaming up who's house we were going to soap the windows, but now they help the economy and rush to the grocery stores to purchase toilet paper by the cartons to adorn the houses. Well, I must go pour my second cup of coffee and ready myself for some daily chores as I enjoy my day God has given and prepare for the changes to pick up into fall's rich color palette of amber,rust,copper, and gold to enhance the season's displays. Soon will be the pumpkins, hydrangeas, crab apples, rose hips, feathery grasses and bittersweet... Last but not least ... all the blessings..... Be thankful....

"Study Nature... Love Nature... Stay Close To Nature.. It Will Never Fail You" .. Frank Lloyd Wright


kathy said...

Yes , fall crispness is in the air --early mornings -- but very warm during the day - but soon -soon !!-- ah delightful fall !!
Kathy - ga

Sandi said...

Fall is right around the corner for sure Marietta!
Did you happen to take M99 part of the way to Coldwater...we live just 3/4 mile off M99 just north of Pioneer. If I had known you were driving by I would have hollared!! LOL

Miss Gracie's House said...

I know! Isn't it amazing-the oh, so subltle changes? I think fall is my most favorite season of all. All of a sudden the sun is so pleasant instead of over-powering.
I love that silver tray you found...perfect fot the beginning of vignettes.

The Feathered Nest said...

Beautiful post Marietta! I too am seeing the changing sunlight, the shadows of the trees are just abit different ~ I'm so looking forward to fall!!! Hope your week is just wonderful sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

Marilyn said...

Won't be long before it will be Labor Day! Where did the summer go?? I don't care for Fall only because Winter follows....
Have a great evening!!