Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surprise Visit

I just had published my morning post,still in my jammies ... I had a surprise visitor ..... my daughter came and spent a couple hours.... she was up and around and drove from Edon and I still had a cup of coffee in my hand... My,how life has changed for me from being in the fast lane all the time... My daughter, Starla had to be out to Northwest Tech. for her classes at 11:00... She brought some of her books in and shared what her assignments will be... She is a very busy girl... She will be a RN. Her clinics will start in a couple weeks and she will be a few weeks at a nursing home and at Mercy Hospital in Defiance ... She will have quite a commute for quite a while... It did take her some time to decide what she wanted to do with her life... She is in her late 30's. I know she is working hard with working a job ... going to school... managing a marriage... and finding time for chores and studies... The reward will come soon and she can start to see the light at the end now... making it easier to keep on going.... We don't see each other too much but the time is always nice spent with your child, no matter what age they become.


Joyce's Journey said...

Nurses work very hard for their education. There are a ton of requirements and it takes a special person to endure what it takes. I am so happy you had time to spend with your daughter. It doesn't matter at what age we decide what we want to do. She has chosen a wonderful profession that will see her through all the days of her life. You have every right to be so very proud of her.

Sandi said...

I admire your daughter so much Marietta. Some days I wish I had a "career", but I am also so glad that I got to be a stay at home mom. I wouldn't trade those days for anything. My daughter still tells me to this day (she will be 30 in Sept) how glad she is that I stayed home when she was little.

I know your daughter will find wonderful fulfillment in her chosen path.

Karen said...

Been there done that! Same school, was in there first graduating class and had clinicals in defiance!! It is a tough but rewarding job, I know you must be really proud.