Saturday, August 1, 2009


There's nothing as lovely as the sight of faded roses- old fashion roses.... in a natural state or viewed in a lovely piece of fabric... Poppies or Sunflowers may come and go but Pink Roses for me NEVER... I can close my eyes and fill my mind with pretty and delicate roses everywhere tucked in with generous amount of creams and whites.....


kathy said...

Hey girl !! lovely post -- roses are a favorite of mine and I have some similar plates and creamers .
Been on vacation - trying to catch up with my faves . have a great weekend - Kathy - ga

The Victorian Parlor said...

I agree!!! I love roses-everything about them-the elegance, beauty, and fragrance! You should visit Deanna at Home Haven blogspot

She did a post asking what flower bloggers would choose to be. I, of course, said a rose:). I couldn't choose a color as I love the red, yellow, and pink roses.



Tammy said...

There is just something about the old vintage cabbage roses...such loveliness!♥

Have an awesome day!

Sandi said...

Hi Marietta,
I love all your rose items and bling. I swear we were cut from the same cloth as we seem to like many of the same vintage items. Timeworn makes them all the better.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend~