Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintage Inspirations

Yesterday between cooking meals and small chores I was able to accomplish some creating... I would like to have some remains of the day before 4:00 when I leave for women's golf league to work on some pillows I sewed .... Yesterday I took my sewing machine out on the deck and sat by the pool and sewed away. It was very relaxing and peaceful.... I am a person who has to have creative energy ignited... when I am in this mood I can create endless possibilities of treasures out of everyday items... This however is not a every day occurrence.
With my love for paper dolls I managed to work in another Ladies Of The Past hankie doll. Once I find the image that will work with the hankie it is just adorning the doll with embellishment. I love embellishments causing me to find more inspiration to hunt and collect.. Sometimes I will find a scrumptious piece of fabric or lace and I find it hard to cut these up, on the other hand I know they will add the charm I desire. I am bout to embark on a mission, flea markets, tag sales, antique shops , anywhere I may be able to add some trims to create with. I have ample supply of vintage books and aged pages... would love to find rhinestone buttons and antique lace.....sumptuous silk fabric swatches, trims and beaded appliques... and yes ribbons are always a must have... Being able to collect the thought process while shopping is a true key for collecting items that can be inspiring. If you are not in the mood the being able to vision the piece in it's next life will not come through and be inspiring... I have a picture of a pillow slip of a small pillow made with old Victorian clothing and a hankie doll featured today. I will share more with you the next couple days as I complete projects. Our church festival is this Sunday and some of the items will be going to the craft booth there......


The Victorian Parlor said...

The pillow and paper doll hankie are beautiful! I find that I have to be in the mood to create otherwise my creations don't turn out well. Unfortunately, I tend to get that creative spark when I am at work and am unable to follow through. I love it when creativity strikes at home and I can spend hours just working:).



The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Marietta. I love it when you create!!! This pillow is so very precious ~ and the doll is beautiful!!! I have a couple of those beautiful petticoats...makes me want to sew ~ have a wonderful, creative week sweet friend! xxoo, Dawn

Lady Laurie said...

Oh you are so crafty! I know what you mean about hesitating about cutting up lace or fabric. Lately I have just been going for it, because I figure it will just stay tucked away unless I make something pretty out of it!!
Hope you are having a happy Monday!

Faded Charm said...


I love your blog~very inspirational and great header. I just want to thank you for all your nice comments.

Have a wonderful week!


Sandi said...

Such cute items you have created again Marietta! I am hoping to get some creating done this week, but we will see if that really happens.
Have a wonderful day~