Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Long Day

We are home from our church festival and I just jumped in the pool and we had a BLT sandwich and some fruit.... I am pretty tired...The heat was hard on the workers today but the crowd came anyway... All seemed to be going well... I have posted a picture of cousins... ya know kin... oh I guess that was last night.... The picture is of my oldest son, Shawn { on the left} and my nephew, John Hoschak, on the right... The cousins have aways gotten along well.... They like to hunt and share allot of stories of which some need to be bleeped..... Last night was also a hugh success at the barn dance... Allot of people... We came home at 11:00 but it went on till 2:00 for younger folk..... I heard some of the goings on from my bed as my windows were open but did still manage to get a couple hours sleep.....
Just wanted to check in and left a short post... Have a great evening all...

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Glad to hear that the festivities were fun!