Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogging For Bliss

I just received my copy of " Blogging For Bliss" today.... Maybe I should keep that a secret as I should gain wonderful knowledge and my blog should be over the moon... I love sharing but also have been told through my years that, if you write something down that is bothering you... it is a form of release.. Write a letter to someone you may be upset with... best to dispose of it... allowing you to just get it out... I have already read in Tara's book glancing through the first couple pages a statement saying.." Pretending life is perfect is not realistic" I agree life isn't perfect but it sure can be pretty darn good sometimes..I really can't see why anyone would stop for a visit at your home or on the web is all we do is find discontent however... I choose to try to be on a up side rather than a down side... I also think there are just some happenings that remain private... I like the fact of not having paparazzi following me around ... { oh those poor people... the price they pay for fame, in any way shape or form would it be worth it to me.} Just let me remain in my country setting in my little house and my simple life... It is way good enough for me... I would love to learn to be more blog savvy... I have tried many times to add different eye candies to my blog with no success. I have self taught myself on the computer over the years and so know quite allot for not having any training, but somethings I just don't get.... I will try and try to do something and once in awhile I get happens... Then there's a problem.. I don't know what I did to make it happen...Now isn't that just like a finger lickin good farm girl? I sometimes view and read others blogs and they have beautiful photos, travels , purchases and places of interest and think to myself... oh I am not brilliant on my blog as I don't travel or shop very much, just not a woman of the world... Therefore I end up sharing everyday delights, small treasures and personal life experiences and do try to add a bit of BLING with some vintage rhinestone jewelry once in awhile.... just being true to myself.. Well I am off to find some gracious space to read some pages in my newly arrived book.... Inspiration on it's way......


Rowann said...

Your BLOG is already an INSPIRATION ! Beauty and Politeness are your style... Who wants to listen to a WHINER...Keep Your SWEET Ways !

The Jeweled Postcard said...

I so need to learn to visit your wonderful blog more often! I love what you write and there's so much to learn from you ;) Bless you and your writings here, you just know what to say at the perfect time.

Sandi said...

I have had my copy for a few days now and love it. Always something new to learn and you are doing just fine Marietta!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Each persons blog is unique and special in it's own way.
I often think mine is very Surburban,mundane and boring.
But then I remind myself that it is for memy blog.
And I am happy to have people come along for the ride.
I love your blog...

The Victorian Parlor said...


I love visiting your blog! It is your love of life and beautiful prose that is so inspiring! I can relate to most everything that you write-especially enjoying the gifts we have been given. My house might not be big or fancy but it is my home and I am ever so thankful for it as well as all of the other little luxuries that make life more pleasant. I also have difficulties with the technological aspect of blogging. Despite step-by-step instructions from other blogging buddies I still cannot get buttons to post on my side bar-very frustrating for me. Anyway, I think that one of my favorite things about my visits to your blogspot is that I can relate to what you are saying. You are a genuine person and it shows through your blog:).