Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Choice Of A Simplier Time

Now that families are raised and retirement is a part of our lives Tom and I are making choices of the times God allows us to be on this earth. { Did you notice the photo? This was actually taken and viewed by many ... God does have you in his Hands}We are definitely making choices of a much simpler pace of life... As many of our friends have second homes in Florida and Arizona and lake cottages and homes we have chosen to just not do this. I have posted before on being such a home person. I really and honestly do not want or have a need for two homes... I find myself feeling very fortunate to have one home I can have shelter from the elements... Oh so many do not even have this and I have so much compassion for these people.I believe this may be the reason I find it so important to have things around me I love... It is inspiring, gratifying and yes even fun... caring for a home and having it to shelter you ... Doing things for yourself, cooking a delicious meal does not seem like a chore to me... I find enjoyment in it. Discontentment to me is going out for a meal and it wasn't very tasty and we have a hugh bill to pay, and this does happen quite often for us ....We could have stayed home and had it for a quarter of the price... I guess I have a abundance of care and love for what I call the "Good Life".. To some it would probably be a challenge... but to me it is simple, filled with one of a kind gems that most likely were destined for the trash, but with my wants and needs not being so extreme, I enjoy charm and personality.
We have a friend who is very, very ill, and I am thinking about it and maybe have a couple low thoughts and evaluating a few things in my life.... and sorting out what are really the important parts...Not wanting to feel regrets, I just find myself very happy with the choices to not have so many needs or wants.... I do believe so many wants can bring ourselves much unhappiness... I certainly wouldn't enjoy waking up to that sort of feeling every morning..... This morning I am very very content to have my coffee in front of me and sit in front of my computer and do a post and share my feelings... No desire to run off to town or feeling a need I have to have something... once again enforcing the fact I am very content in my simple life and the choices we are making and I do feel ever so blessed.


Sandi said...

So well said Marietta. I share the same feelings as you do. We are blessed indeed!
My computer is running so slow today. Actually it is not the computer , but the internet connection so I am doing good to get to a couple blogs.
Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Eastlake Victorian said...

What a great attitude! It's so true... you must enjoy every moment of your life. Slow down and take it all in, and not worry so much about acquiring "things".

Miss Gracie's House said...

It is a choice, isn't it? One we have to *choose* to remember...this *simple lifstyle we have live in this rural community, to be a one-income family (I only dabble), to have had all of these children and homeschooling... All choices that leave us with *less* income but so much more.

Joyce's Journey said...

Everything we need we have within. Too bad that sometimes we don't realize it at a younger age so we can enjoy it longer!!