Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Windows and collections

I have a 3 pane large window in front of my sink in the kitchen that I can look out and enjoy the woods and fields and back yard while preparing meals and washings dishes. I have never had a traditional window treatment at this window.. I always have a pretty tablecloth or towels, apron or something similar to what I have now.... I have 2 lovely antique pillow case with lovely lace and a lace scarf with a frame, the antique purse wind chimes I made, a vintage pink lace little bodice...and another photo. It is very hard for me to get a decent photo but I have added a couple for you to view.... Collecting and decorating in vintage style is a very rewarding and enjoyable part of my life. Touring shops and flea markets, using your imagination for ingenious ways to re-use old pieces, helps develop my individual passions and the biggest rewards, the joys of finding a bargain... A small amount of cash and a few skills are all you need.... You do need to train your eye as I have stated before to develop fashionable objects of desire... so they look decorative...In your searches remember not to get too formal, not that formal isn't lovely... the truth is every one needs a place where relaxation and escape from the pressures of life can be enjoyed. These place should be cozy and filled with unusual and lovely objects.
I received my Romantic Homes Magazine yesterday and my first thought was I wonder if I will enjoy this one... I haven't been a happy with the issues the past couple years as I was in the past... My mother always told me "never judge a book by it's cover " and I am happy to say I enjoyed what I saw inside the pages.... I think mom was talking about people but it worked this this case also.
I was suppose to be traveling to Toledo today but it was delayed until tomorrow as Barb was called into work....Hope you all have a wonderful day......


Sandi said...

Wonderful window treatments Marietta!! I have an old chippy white shutter tacked to the top of my kitchen window and I love it. I have had it that way for a long time. Some people probably just don't "get it", but that is okay! LOL

kathy said...

Oh I would love to stand at your window and gaze -- loveliness within and without-Kathy - ga