Tuesday, May 20, 2008


SHARING.... there is a era about a table in it's splendor when set for tea or a special luncheon that brings out the manners and softness in everyone.
The uses of terms like " would you care for" "yes,please" "Thank you"..all simple exchanges of pleasantness... To be thankful for what we are about to receive. How nice... Compared to all the unpleasant words and phrases we hear in our today society.
Share, offer, receive and most important say " thank you" it really only takes a moment and memories of a pleasant experience can last a lifetime. Like the serving of tea... it refills your cup...
All it takes is a invitation... 2 cups to warm the heart... Oh the invitation.. to me personally.. I love a written in pen or calligraphy...but as long as it is heartfelt it will be remembered.
Servings of tea, ice tea or lemonade are always wonderful choices.. The KEY in my eye.... Please use lovely china and glass...Please do not use plastic or paper { only if the gathering is larger and it needs to be.} The use of paper or plastic to me spoils the whole mood.
Sharing of friendship offers a feeling of safeness and nurturing.. and that is what makes it so very comforting. It is okay to share... Our teacups don't talk...like we hear so many times. Do you remember the greatest gift you every received? Was it shared? Mine goes back 50 years or so. My graduation gift. My father has passed away recently and mom and I had been struggling to make ends meet as ladies did not have jobs like they do now. I received a beautiful gold watch from my mother. I wore it will pride. { I still have the watch} I found out months later from my mothers employer that my mother had went without lunches and breaks for a couple months to be able to pay for the watch and get it out of lay-away so I would have it for my graduation day. I believe the love and endurance of that lovely lady has been passed on by her giving and sharing spirit.. Share your homes, nourishment and joys and sorrows of life in a beautiful desirable manner.. Humans can be like our china and breakable ... but also resilient and pick up the pieces..
Share a wonderful time with a friend or family.. It is a blessing and your life will be richer...


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