Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Similiar The Look

Oh my gosh I was just reading a couple news posts....Rowann
has a post with a couple pair of vintage shoes... Go visit her blog if you haven't already... I posted a couple pics of my own shoes I have displayed for the holidays... I was suprised how much the look was alike... Her lady had embellished with laces and trims where I have choosen to leave my in their natural state... My victorian shoes are canvas and rather tattered but I love them just the same.


kathy said...

I love the look of the shoes -- wonder what tales they could tell -
ah if wearing them today - the surprise -- the pace would be so different now -- or maybe these were used especially on adance floor -- Silly thought i guess
I always , wish I could know their story _ KAthy - GA said...

HOw beautiful! I love the touch of tucking the tissue pattern paper inside too.

I was glad to hear your trees arrived and that you liked them!

Lady Laurie said...

I love your vintage shoes and the way you tucked them with the tissue (pattern?). I love how you decorate!

vikki said... all your vintage touches! i thought the shoes were the ones from the other blog! my kidz did the elfin thing, too. it is too funnie. look forward to seeing more of your lovely posts & the vintage charm. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥