Friday, December 19, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

Thought I would share with you a snap of the same back yard as yesterday... What a difference a day makes... We are still getting some rain but I hope it will end soon as I don't know how much more weight the power lines and trees can handle..... The wind is not blowing at this point which is a great help. Needless to saw I won't be venturing out today... what I use to consider fun just seems to be too challenging and dangerous these days... Oh maybe it is wisdom.... Not too push the issues.... I hope everyone in the area is doing well and fairing the storm as well as we are at this moment... Be careful all and stay in if you possibly can......

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kathy said...

WOW - amazing looks beautiful -- but I like you would rather cozy in than fight those elemants -- rain here - Trying to finish up here - need to post a few local
things --Don't know how i missed the book pages -- oh I love that look -- My brother -- who was not a Christian at the time- yrs ago asked for the family Bible - Oh how I would love it - but i would not argue --Since then , God has blessed as he has followed him and is such a Christian servant - what a Blessing that is -- I love to turn to the Christmas story in one of my Bibles and place a bookmark - , and add a vintage postcard of the Manager scene - and then greens and holley ornie etc -- around it -
OK after Christmas need to look at all your Christmas blogging to get mental pics of the ideas -- they are wonderful - Kathy - ga