Friday, June 12, 2009

Dining In The Garden

Oh my .... the sun is actually peeking through this morning.... It is chilly but I will be going out in awhile and cleaning up my decks and porch and around the pool in hopes of some of God's lovely sunshine and wonderful weather to come for the next few days. You can know there will be some dining in the garden area this weekend. Maybe just sticking toes in the pool yet for a couple days but you never can tell... maybe I will get brave and take the first plunge of the season... BBBBRRRR.... The pleasure of dining in the garden will be mine every day of nice weather... Including coffee and lunch and supper.... With today's interest in casual dining ... we can employ outdoor bistro chairs and table and outdoor furniture with comfy pillows... Just a wonderful place for coffee and conversation and watching the birds carry on their active day.... I so love the look of chunky and rusty added to the outdoor decor. Then add the softness of chippy china hanging ... sitting... and half buried in your garden area. What a treat for the eye appeal. Castoffs can really strut their stuff in your yards and garden area and make one of a kind statements....For a true garden spirit... revive old objects....This is a very good on the budget way of decorating a outdoor space and making it a relaxed comfortable space to come and rest the weary mind and body... It is my love to always add a presence of water if only with a small fountain making a trickling sound.... A touch of fabric or doily's give a soft feel to the outdoors and tie together a color theme.... I am off to my quirky mix of outdoor furnishings to tidy up and reflect my love of vintage to my out door spaces.... Enjoy your day.... Up with the dining umbrellas..... How Divine.....

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The Victorian Parlor said...

Ahhhh... I love sitting outside with tea and goodies and listening to the birdsong while butterflies flitt about from bloom to bloom. Dining outside is always so pleasant:).