Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Morning Friends

I hope a peaceful and relaxing Father's Day was enjoyed by all yesterday... I had a houseful with Tom's adult children and grandkids and water splashing and sounds of laughter all afternoon. The fun in the sun accompanied by sandwiches , snacks, and desserts and beverages was enjoyed by all.

I was looking at new posts on my very favorite bloggers I follow this morning and found Fifi has another new post this week. Her last two , as always, are quite stunning... Please stop over and enjoy the beautiful photos posted by this very takented lady... the last post is on the use of the great color of green. The lovely lady in the photo above has her hat ready for the visit at
The sun is up and the birds are singing their songs this morning... The forecast is for a very warm day..... Our last week consisted of grey days and 3 and a half inches if rain. The farmers in our area are not enjoying another good year of working their fields and having crops come up. If you are not connected or have knowledge of a farmers life, I can assure you it can be quite stressful. A typical day on the farm can be a very enjoyable one but we have not had that in our area this year. Most days in the country however are a signature of natures beautiful bounty and glorious offerings and that is what keeps us hopeful and wanting to share the gifts from the great outdoors. Many of you that live in cities and larger towns feel the need for great escapes while in the country we can walk out in our back yards and enjoy our favorite vacation spots.....I personally can be very content in my modest ranch home in a country location, surrounded with a deep love for pretty and timeworn treasures and a strong passion just for a everyday life.... The simplicity and goodness are a country life's fancy. Now... I must move on with my day.... try to enjoy the birds songs and take small breaks between.... laundry and scooping up rich chocolate brownie crumbs lost by grandchildren little hands ......and getting objects back in there places.... Have a blessed day all, as I slip back into my little corner of the world.........

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Sandi said...

Oh my have we ever received the rain Marietta! We literally had a pond in our yard when we left for daughter's place Friday. Happens every time we get gobs of rain. I don't think I could be a farmers wife. I would be stressed all the time. LOL
I love my humble home place like HOME!