Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Joy Of Altered Art

For altered art... in your home go through drawers and stashes,old game pieces, vintage jewelry, buttons, lace, matchbooks, tickets, postcards, keys, watch parts, and find any object with visual interest... Most times the grungier the better results to me... Fabric scraps, lovely papers and old book pages always a must... Lovely old pieces of hand-written papers... ribbons... I love making crinkle ribbon from bias tapes.... I have purchased junk jewelry lots in the past on Ebay but am finding that very hard to do with all the interest in altered now now a days.... The bids are quite large on many... Think of somethings that intrigue you... Mine are usually vintage photos of ladies of the past ... roses... and old post card writing, as you can see from some of my altered art... I will be spending time in the rec. room the next couple days to create 2 brown bag folder cards for weddings that we have coming up after this Forth of July weekend...
Well, I am off to snap green beans picked from our garden and fry bacon to flavor and make ready for dinner... Garden is starting to produce.... Picked my first cucumber yesterday and sliced it in a sweet- sour vinegar and munched on them last night for supper... Yum... Tomatoes are on vines but showing no color as of yet and the corn has tasseled... So much for the saying knee -high by the Forth of July... It looks to be a good pickings time the next few weeks.... Enjoy your day.


Lady Farmer said...

You are welcome to come and 'alter' not only my art, but my entire home at anytime, please! ;~D Yours is all so lovely!

sjmcdowell said...


Just wanted you to know how enjoyable it was to stroll through your blog this afternoon. The collages are stunning..I love ALL of them very much!!
Your Garden stroll was heavenly. I use to have a garden in England when I lived there. maybe I should post my pictures from there although it has been 10 years ago, wow, time does go by fast. What do you think...should I post them??

Well have a great 4th of July weekend my friend!

Hugs, and laughter,


Sandi said...

Marietta your creativity takes my breath away. Everything is so lovely!! Happy FOURTH!!

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Marietta,
Your art pieces are so beautiful. My garden is a little behind yours, can't wait for the first cuke. Have a wonderful 4th!
Leigh Ann

EVA AGNES said...

Hi Marietta,
your altered art is gorgeous.
I love what you have done to your old items.
I will answer your question about my wreath.
Yes, it is made of old pages from an old Bible I inherited. I will send you a better picture of it. But don't ask me how I made it, because I don't remember....:-)
Hugs Eva Agnes

Vanessa said...

I just discovered your blog and I love all these beautiful altered pieces!