Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Image Tags and Paper Cones

Last evening after enjoying a nice dinner I went back to the rec. room to make some cinnamon tags for the small ivory bottle brush tree I aquired last year.... This tree stands about 2'... I made some simple tags with a small amount of book print paper and a ivory button and used the image I will share with you ... I thought a small amount of pink will be ok as you take maybe 12 steps further you will be in the kitchen area where the decorations will be pink and a tea-stained look.... This little tree stands on a plant stand size table and is directly at the front door.. infact the front door brushes it slightly.... I really enjoy the small trees in different areas ..... It makes it very easy to still have it decorated but I just do one little area at at time then soon it is all completed....It helps with the big major mess of dragging boxes everywhere... ugh... I think from decorating windows and a retail florist shop for years I tend to take that approach to my home also... It is a way of the past....

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