Friday, October 10, 2008

Play Your Own Music

I have been noticing most of my blooger friends are into decorating for the harvest season and I am enjoying viewing all the pictures and ideas... I am a firm believer you have to play your own music and dance to your own tunes... This is what makes you unique... Ideas may come from many places.. Taking and viewing photos when available to help capture a vignette you have been dreaming of creating may be a great help. Train your eye to look for objects for re-purpose. This is a great way for your home to be charming and a one of a kind. If you seem to be like me and are like the old saying .."champagne on a beer budget" you may have to make some adjustment in what you can afford ..but do not let this limit you. Try to add beauty with loved objects...adding a generous dose of BLING always works for me... It's like making fresh roses look beautiful once again after they are a bit over their prime... We must learn to take attention away from things that are not pleasing to the eye, such as your view is not very attractive.... A must is hang beautiful window treatments that fades the view and makes it pleasing... Most fixes are just a sample of common sense and balance.....

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