Monday, October 13, 2008

Musicial Chairs

Oh my.. let the season of musical chairs begin..I removed this antique black lace dress and wonderful victorian hat from a previous display I had in my entry way. Then the thought maybe I would luck out and the dress may fit on the felt and cardboard form with the vintage lampstand.. so I gave it a whirl and the dress did fit ... I was rather suprised and pleased... Looking at the picture.. my she is rather "riske" isn't she... Or maybe she just appears to have a pole.... oh dear I think I have threatened that before... Ok moving on.... The Victorian hat I placed on top is one of my finer hats... The Rhinestone brooch is a show stopper... This is the way my whole house will be decorated... Moving things around to music... I will have to pack many items away as I start to add as it just gets to be too much... Oh dear I hope I am getting ready for this.....


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Pack so you can keep adding!! Too funny!!

kathy said...

Had to stop by again today - and how wonderful another photo .
I love your dress and hat - so elegant -- I have an old dressform , but the room it is going in is not ready -- so she is not dressed for display -- Ilove your tree ideas -- can't wait -- to
see them all - Kathy - GA