Saturday, July 18, 2009


Early this evening we will be celebrating my daughter's birthday . Her husband, my son Shawn, my son Chad and Stacy will also be present. T-bone steaks was the meat of choice, baked potatoes, salad, hot bread, green beans and corn, and of course cake and ice cream will complete the menu. I have a smaller birthday gift for Starla and then I will surprise her with a ring I had made after my marriage of 27 years didn't work out with the children's father. I had my diamonds from my wedding ring and my mother's wedding rings she had given me all set into one ring... Both the wedding rings were smaller diamonds but the sentiment is very special. I have been wanting to give this to her for a couple years now and thought the timing was perfect this evening with her two brother being here to see she received it. Since my heart attack I have realized I need to make sure a couple things need to get where I would like them to be... Then I can see them enjoy and receive them.... I so love seeing my children in one spot kindling the family ties. Gathering seems to be a more difficult if it is not a holiday with jobs and different places to go and things to do. Pausing to pursue the joy of family midst a hectic world seems to be more precious as we find our self aging. Have a lovely weekend to you all. Blessings...

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