Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tuckered Out

Can't think of much to post about cause I think I need a nap.... Up out of bed fairly early to make the 8:30 mass at St. Michael's Catholic Church... Home from church and Tom and I went over to St. Mike's Golf and played 18 holes... Came home and cut up half a ice cold watermelon.... picked green beans and sweet corn from the garden.... Now I am tuckered and think I need to swim a couple times around the pool and lay down and take a nap..... Then get up and fold clothes from the dryer and prepare supper... Tonight is going to be a simple farm meal.... Smoked sausage... sweet corn... tomatoes... and ice cold watermelon..... Just alot of rewards when you can go ut to the garden and pick most of your supper from it... I love this time when you harvest your plantings.... Hope you all are having a good day....Ps. we enjoyed our evening last night in Ft. Wayne with our friends... Food was very good.....

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Tammy said...

Sunday naps are awesome...I should know, I'm the Sunday Nap Queen!

Enjoy your evening!