Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Makes Memories

What makes memories?? Can they be a simple but wonderful as the sharing of conversation with the delight feeling the warmth drawn from a fire... The wonderful moments spent sharing nourishment with others... The excitement of receiving a lovely hand-written letter of gentle and kind words... The use of a linen or quilt belonging to a mother or grandmother... For all these can all be sweet memories... In today's society we tend to think it needs to be large and lavish... Small things are the very most important and sharing of home is still the best place in the world. If homes are the best place in the world to be, then making and launching the holiday season with romantic touches and unexpected objects can only make the allure much more wonderful. Treasures come in all sizes. I love when homes are filled with enchanting discoveries for anyone who visits... Especially exciting are objects that you want to hold onto forever as you will be truly surrounding yourself in things you love. I am about to embark on the beginning of unsealing storage boxes with holiday charm waiting to fill my home... I think I must set my sweet embellishments out and decide what will be used this season... Smaller doses of charm are on the menu this season...

I find much personal pleasure in a delightful mix of elements... setting visual mood and atmosphere. My only purchase this season were 2 small sets of pink bottle brush trees from Janet @ http://www.shabbyfufu.com/ of which I am waiting to receive... I am off to try to create some memories..... Ready to create some of your own?????


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Marietta!

It seems that every year I cut down a little more when decorating for the holidays. There was a time that every crack & corner was a display of the season but as I get older... I mean wiser, I am more chosey about what I put out for holiday decor. I select the things that are dearest to me and the rest seem to just sit in the boxes.

I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Sherry

Rita said...

Dear Marietta,
what a marvellous blog have I just discovered. So full of charm and heartwarming poetry in which I am able to mirror myself. I am indeed so glad I've found you and will come back soon and often, especially when in need for comfort as i guess this is the right place, where beauty, charm and a warm heart will do the magic. Everything in your blog is just soooooooooo perfect, spo inviting and at the right place. BTW I love your header pic so much.
I'll be delighted if you'll come and visit my blog. You will find me at http://ritashabbychicrose.blogspot.com/
Until then