Thursday, September 2, 2010

Country Inspires Simplier Ways

From the moment you leave the city limits and arrive to a country atmosphere the encounter seems to remain forever in your hearts...Special experiences greet you warmly with the simple factor of less noise and a much more slower pace, and a peaceful setting.. Food products fill the fields and nature takes over.. Spices and herbs fill the air and freshly worked ground... I love what is happening in my surroundings... It is getting time for giant iron horses to take the field for what will soon been harvest time as I view the green of the corn stalks disappearing ... I am certainly thinking it may be a much earlier harvest than normal... Leaves have started to fall from the trees due to lack of rain in our area.. Pumpkins can be viewed laying in gardens and fields soon ready for picking for fall decorating of homes... It is just a simple statement of peacefulness.It requires you to indulge in your senses.... If you travel with your windows of your vehicle ajar... smells of bacon can be sniffed as country woman prepare breakfast and you can bet there will be a jar of home-made preserves on the table... Wonderful renderings await in cozy places as the autumn colors will soon warm the countryside... Travels on back roads will encourage the hunt for bittersweet that may be peeking in the ditches and along fences... { Best picked after the first frost for preserving for decorating..}
The fall season for myself encourages a desire for making more sweet treats and a more complete meal as the kitchens are not warm as through the summertime heat for preparing... The gentle breezes flowing through the homes gives a lift to desires... Country inspires simple things in life from inexpensive finds to adding touches of glam. As I sit this morning I can travel a few miles of the country scene that surrounds me just by merely peering out the window. I once again realize that I am enjoying this peaceful journey of later years created through the wisdom of taking time to filter through lovely offerings that surround me....{ Taking in life at it fullest... I also view that my neighbor and her cousin that lives in the next section are loading their car with belongings and are making ready to head to Ohio State to start their college education... How very wonderful the they will have each other to rely on... Youth making a new start in their adult life.... Wishing them the best.... A piece of them will always remain with the farm life that they have been raised on ....It is a good rich in tradition lifestyle.......


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Marietta Sweetie...
What a beautiful share this morning. I am always so happy to read your writes. They are so vivid.

I can see the leaves falling from the trees, and the corn ready to be harvested, and those big old pumpkins just growing away to be picked next month, if not sooner.
Isn't it exciting to see someone packing to leave for college, knowing they are starting a new adventure on their road of life?

Everything here in Phoenix, is still HOT. HOTTER and Even HOTTER yet. No relief in site, other than it is darker in the mornings when I get up to drive in for work. I am not sure we are ever going to see a cooler day again. I am keeping my fingers crossed secretly though.

Have a gorgeous day sweetie, and thank you for the stroll about your countryside this morning. I have so enjoyed myself.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Sandi said...

I love the country life Marietta and no better time than in the fall!! Love hunting for bittersweet too although it is getting harder to find every year.
Happy Thursday...

Ira said...

Hi Marietta,
You have such a way with words, have you ever considered a writing career? I know I would love to read your stories, you give very vivid descriptions of the countryside and life around you, very colourful. Reminds me somewhat of the Bridges of Madison County!
Take care, Ira

victorian parlor II said...

There is something so magical in the autumn splendor that can only be found in a country setting:). Thanks for setting the scene!



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Pumpkins and bittersweet, a sign for me that Fall is around the corner. Do you have bittersweet in your area?

Mr Monkey said...

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T's Daily Treasures said...

I do dream of Fall, the country life, a small house with a white picket fence, simpler ways, quiet, solitude, nature.

It's hot, hot, hot and humid here most days. No relief til November, December. :/

Enjoy the changes in the season. And have a beautiful weekend. :) Tammy