Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The desire for stepping back in time seems to always be a desire of mine.. I have not a desire nor do I long to enjoy large crowds and loud noise.. I melt with objects and places wrapped in nostalgia. The moment the air is crisp and the landscape changes to crimson and umber I want to nestle.. Small twinkling lights and candles enter my mind.. I am especially longing for precious moments of solitude.. Maybe just some time for books or writing.Emotions are high and tears seem to be right on the edge of gushing as I still try to control and remember to enjoy the everyday blessings that surround me.. The winds the past 2 days have shown to be very boastful... seeing and feeling their effect.. In my emotional state I find myself wanting to focus on my refuge... my home.. the place I love and feel the more secure... I do not decorate too heavy for the fall season. A few tokens of harvest may be found scattered here and there. I love to see fall decorating but not so much for Halloween. The hugh cob webs and the gremlins not for me.. Naturals and dried are more to my liking... Rusty is good... Passion starts with one simple object and catches the eye and imagination.. The spark is ignited and from this comes passion... After getting through the next couple days I am sure I will be in need of a couple days to renew.. A few days spent trying to recall my bliss and refuel my energy for life and think of the rich heritage we have is going to be required in order to enjoy life to it's fullest.. Wisdom tells me I need to do this and I will but for right now my heart is aching just alittle bit... I send my support out to all of you that may be struggling with different events happening around you or in your own life's and everyday living.. May you find the strength to achieve and enjoy the offerings.....


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Marietta, I so understand how you feel dear friend! This time of year always makes me want to nest and make my home a cozy place. I'm the same way too about Halloween, just not that big a fan but our boys have always just LOVED it! I'm so sorry your tears are so close to spilling, I feel that way often myself and am sending you big ol' hugs and a reminder that "this too shall pass", have a beautiful fall weekend, hugs and love, Dawn

victorian parlor II said...


This is so beautiful:). I love the beauty of this time of year and the nostaligic memories of childhood autumns that fill my head.