Thursday, September 16, 2010

Personal Inspiration

Hello... Just somewhat late posting this morning as I have been busy mopping and cleaning... Yesterday after the service man came for the fireplace I ended up moving and cleaning the living room... Shifting all the furniture where it will be for over the holidays... I have showed you a pic of my fire place mantle that will stay like this till the end of next month when I will start changing over for Christmas.... The second and third pic is of a 5'x5' canvas drop cloth that has a plastic backing I purchased at Menard's for 4.79.... Just a hint of a change for fall... Very budget friendly...
Then my last picture is where my thoughts have been trying to find the inspiration for a bath area redo... I do want to strip the wall paper off ... I have been tossing the idea of paper again but have ruled it out... I have in mind just to paint the walls in a oatmeal or old world color... Very neutral.... The last pic is of a cover of very old sheet music I simply tore and wallpapered to the wall in my living room for a trail run of what I would like to complete in my bath area...I think I am liking the idea of 1900's to 1920's , no tint or color, song music sheets unless I can come up with some sheet music in french.... Not minding if the edges are ripped as I will be ripping them anyway....with this in mind I will start the search for the right sheet music with lots of detail... Many of you may think this will be brave but it will only be in a couple spots and s couple sheets of sheet music would be much simpler than a whole room of it... This project should be able to be completed with a gallon of paint and under 10.00 in sheet pages... What ya think???


Sandi said...

I love what you have done so far Marietta. I also love your idea of the sheet music on the walls. Go for it! I am planning on covering the back of my OAK entertainment unit shelves with old paper one of these days. I know people cringe, but life is too short not to make our homes like we love.

One of these days when hubby isn't looking I want to paint some furniture white too...EEK! I may not live through that one. ha ha!

Stitching For Serenity said...

Oh wow, I say go for it. That is a fantastic idea to go with the aged papers. I'm with you on the tinting, rather not. Looks great on the corner of your doorway as it is.