Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Good morning.. I am in my morning spot on the computer and sipping coffee and reflecting deep in thoughts and just taking in the morning of which is quite lovely.. Today is my oldest son's birthday... Not wanting to go into great detail there is something very special taking place in his life right now that will enhance his life to come... Like Martha Stewart says " it is a good thing"......
My love of mirrors has made me think of the reflection of the person we are on the outside this day... The lovely objects can show the outer beauty and many times only the person looking into the mirror knows if true beauty lies within... In their lovely state they cannot reveal if the smile isn't real... that you may be caught up in living a lie or your dreams may not be coming true... They do reflect however the aging that has taken place in your life... They flirt with the desire to return to a more youthful year and not shattered pieces of the mirrors of your life... Only when you are truly happy with where you are in life can we enjoy the many reflections we may face... The true moment is a aging woman with her true self being revealed... then there is a genuine happiness.


Anonymous said...

I love your mirrors!!
At my age now (nearly 59) I am at the best time of my life. I feel good in my skin......
Another hot day here. Will stay in AC & hope you stay cool too!

Ira said...

First of all congratulations on your son's birthday! Hope he'll have a wonderful day!
Yes, your story about mirrors is so true. I remember my mother saying to stand in front of the mirror and pull faces at myself if ever I was feeling unhappy (when I was a teenager). She said "you'll soon be laughing your head off!". I've never forgotten this, although these days I'm not struggingling with these uncertainties anymore :-) I think it's just beautiful to see a face that's full of LIFE!
Take care, ~Ira