Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harsh Statements As We Celebrate Labor Day

I have been reading statements made by others on our economy... These are very harsh and do so make me realize why I travel back in years and love the memories of easier times ... I so love our country and here at our household we try very hard to keep under control and enjoy the little blessings that are offered... I am posting well knowing those harsh these statements are very true.... As we celebrate our Labor Day it may be a good time to reinforce these eye opening statements....First, each year we as a country spend enough money on alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, and other forms of mindless entertainment to keep most countries running for decades... We have large counts of lazy, indolent, filthy, vulgar, and selfish... We want what we want when we don't get it we whine and try to blame others...Second. manufacturing caters to our bad habits and idol pursuits. Look at the products our sagging economy is selling us... $200.00 phones $1000.00 gizmo's, $30,000 automobiles.. We spend more time talking and saying less of substance than any other generation in America.. We buy and Sell junk... { oh dear... I am guilty} We do need CLEAN homes, work ethics, fresh water and reasonable priced bread.. We need health givers and virtuous and decent paid teachers. We also need peace keepers. We as a nation best be taking a hard look at ourselves...
In the center of all these thoughts comes the continuing foreclosure results in climbing real estate inventor... This has two effects. First, it makes new homes less attractive which further reduces construction jobs. Second it puts downward pressure on home prices, which makes it harder for struggling homeowners to sell their homes to avoid foreclosure and also keep strategic default rate high. Lower home values encourage Americans to save more and spend less since wealth is effectively reduced. The Dow drops and credit markets tighten even further suffocating private investments just as homeowners bunker down and slash spending. Growth turns negative... Then this week we read that Tiger took out a 54 million dollar loan for another mansion in Florida.. What is the chance of re-sale to someone deserving???? My own thought is it makes the desire of watching golf allot less desirable for me....But then I guess it will create several jobs for some in construction...for a short period of time....
Do you think it is time for the Parties to unite and get something positive completed? After these brutal statements I would certainly think all would be put aside and unite as a Country....
I wish you all a very safe and blessed Labor Day and do enjoy some of the wonderful offerings our country has to offer... We may be missing out on a daily basis... May wisdom return us to pursuits of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marietta,
What a wonderful and thought provoking post. All I hear about is how bad the economy is...yet people seem to be running out to buy those fancy phones and ipads. How can people possibly afford it?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Parties would untite and quit playing the blame game and pointing fingers.
Don't even get me started on Tiger!!!
Anyway, I wish you a happy Labor Day. We are cooking out a few hotdogs and hamburgers and watermelon for dessert.

Becca said...

This Labor Day weekend I know I am blessed. My husband had a good job and enables me to spend time doing other things. Because he (my husband) is hard working my youngest child can concentrate on college. You are so right, I think our priorities are a little mixed up in this wonderful country. We need to get back to basics. Stop idolizing stars both Hollywood and sports, and look at the average person. The one who looks after his/her family, watches out for their neighbor, obeys the law (pays their taxes) and tries to be a good citizen. Let's honor the working man on this Labor Day! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I agree!

Miss Gracie's House said...

I agree with the with need to return to simplicity...debt and stuff can have such a hold on us...thanks for the words of encouragement!

Ira said...

Hi Marietta,
your statement is oh so true and valid for more countries in the world. Over here in the Netherlands the situation is similar, people call themselves poor if they cannot buy a tv set or iphone and confuse possession with happiness... My husband and I often discuss this kind of life, of course there will always be discrepancies in the lives of people, that's the way of the world. I'm fine with people 'being loaded', as long as they can appreciate the opportunities life has given them. My experience is that the more people tend to gain, the more selfish they become, alas... Life is all about being there for each other, lending a helping hand if need be, such a pity that more and more people these days "take what they deserve" without any thought of people who could do with a little extra. With satisfaction happiness may yet return.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Great post Marietta! Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend!
hugs, Sherry

Sandi said...

Great post Marietta. People these days have to have the latest and greatest form of entertainment to keep them happy. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Not latest and greatest here. lol I know people who "can't" pay their bills yet they have all the fancy gadgets a person can buy. Priorities mixed up for sure!
Thanks for the post!!

FredaB said...


I agree with your post 100%. It is time the younger generation stand back and take stock of their lives. Maybe what is hapening will have a scare effect to make them think more
before they buy. Also the easy availability of credit cards has had a ruinous effect on them also.

Talking sports the aychecks some of these players in all sports are getting is ridiculous. How people are willing to spend their money on seats for these sports is unbelievable. We will stay watching on our tv and keep our money.



ps - I really enjoy your blog and the wonderful pictures you post.