Saturday, September 4, 2010

Filling Passion

Finding my usual spot by the front window{ no windows ajar this morning as the temps are quite chilly} and the sun is peeking through the grey clouds and the sparkling dew has covered the ground, not many cars are traveling up and down the road that passes our home.. The wind is quite gusty... Tom is over the the golf course..he must have left around 7...I am feeling a yearning to fill my bliss for a hour or so.. A treasured find with a hint of romance just seems appealing this fill my passion .. Maybe I can find a treasure I can unite old with new or just for re purpose.. It isn't a morning that can be spent on the decks out of doors, so why not a small road trip? A home is a place where one gathers in good and bad times but in my thoughts should always feel and look inviting. With this accompanies happy memories and what could be better? From home to home it becomes interesting to view and feel what one considers comfort... Some homes are simply filled with many pieces of electronics to view and hear and considered enjoyment... While I love my TV and computer I command my passion for a harmonious mix of objects from the past to create my relaxation.. Okay, one more cup of coffee and get this posted and it's like if the shoe fits, put it on and kick up your heels... Have a good day all......


Tina Eudora said...

Sounds like a great plan Marietta! I had tentatively thought about re-painting my living room this weekend....hmmm, yeah I might still do it, just not sure exactly when this weekend.:)
Have fun whatever you do!
Tina xo

Ira said...

Hi Marietta,
loved reading your post again :-) What struck me is that you posted a Dutch vintage card!
Have a great weekend, Ira

Inspiration i vitt said...

hey Marietta, hope your weekend has been beautiful and that you got some sunshine on your nose. hug for you / Ingela